Removing Obstacles™ and Transformation™ for the Saturn-Pluto Conjunction

Essences for Saturn-Pluto conjunction

Today a rare Saturn-Pluto conjunction occurs, an event that only happens about every 33 years. This time, however, the conjunction happens with both planets in the sign of Capricorn, which hasn’t happened in 500 years! This aspect will influence the entire year, and may have the effect of tearing down current outworn structures so they can be rebuilt. This is a great time to use Shanti Kai™ Companion Essences Removing Obstacles™ and Transformation™ from our Planetary Line, to help ease the challenging energies that these planets can bring, and to help you harmonize with the process of change and transformation.

Removing Obstacles™, our Saturn aligned essence, is formulated especially to help block some of the more challenging energy that this planet is known for. This blend is also designed to help you build up a vibration to counter resistance, whether that resistance shows up externally or on an inner level, so that you can more easily align with your goals.

Transformation™ is our Pluto blend and is designed to ease you through the process of endings, new beginnings and rebirth. This essence may help you to recognize what it is in your life that needs to be released and encourage the desire and ability to transform and let go. It is also formulated to help you align with your highest truth and encourage rebirth and renewal.

Transformation™ Essence for the New Moon in Scorpio

Transformation Essence for New Moon in Scorpio

Today we’ll have a new moon in the sign of Scorpio, and the month ahead leading up to the next new moon presents a wonderful opportunity to identify areas of our lives where we feel that we don’t have control, such as deeply ingrained habits, and work towards releasing so that we can move forward, freer and and more empowered.  Transformation™ Essence from Shanti Kai™ is a wonderful tool to work with over this next month, and is designed to help you gently see what it is you would like to change or release, and helps to support the process of transformation.

Transformation™ is designed to bring ease to the process of change and rebirth.  This blend helps you to see deeply into a situation or issue so that you can gain clarity about what you need to release, and helps to encourage a desire and ability to make needed changes. This Essence also helps you to experience renewal and rebirth, encouraging new beginnings or a positive new direction.

Read more about Transformation™ Essence below:

MercurEase™ Essence for Upcoming Mercury Retrograde

Halloween is around the corner, and there may be some tricks in store with Mercury turning retrograde on the same day.  Time to stock up on a Shanti Kai™ treat, our MercurEase™ Essence, to help mitigate some of the communication snafus, memory slips, technological glitches, and travel issues that tend to pop up around this time, and to promote harmony and success no matter what comes your way.

MercurEase™ is our ultimate blend for communication and intelligent thinking. This special synergy of ingredients helps you to be more receptive to others’ words, and to hear the true message and intention behind what they are saying, and it promotes a clear mind and organized thoughts. And what about all those technology hiccups, and interruptions to our plans in general? MercurEase™ may help you to be more adaptable, as well as increase your problem solving abilities so that things run more smoothly.

Weekly What’s Up: Harmony™ and Venus™ for the New Moon in Libra

Libra season is in full swing with the Sun, Venus and Mercury all moving through this sign, and a new Moon in Libra occurring on Saturday, September 28th. Libra energy is all about balance, beauty and charm and now is an ideal time to focus on bringing more harmony and balance into our lives, and for recognizing and embracing our own inner and outer beauty. Shanti Kai™ Libra New Moon Essence Duo Harmony™ and Venus™ can help you to bring more balance into your life and your relationships, and encourage confidence and recognition of your own beauty.

Harmony™ is designed to help you bring more balance into all facets of your life, both on an inner and outer level. This blend helps to bring body, mind, and spirit all into alignment bringing more ease and well being into your life. This blend can also help to bring harmony into your relationships, and when used as a room spray it can help to encourage cooperation and unity between individuals in that space.

Venus™, named for the planet that rules Libra, is formulated with ingredients that exude the energy of charm, beauty and confidence and help you to integrate these qualities into your own being. This blend is also designed to help encourage ease and confidence in the areas of romantic love and social settings.

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Weekly What’s Up: Removing Obstacles™ Essence for Countering the Effects of Saturn

Removing Obstacles Essence for Countering Saturn

On Wednesday, September 18th, the planet Saturn ends its retrograde after having been retrograde for many months. Once Saturn begins is direct motion we may gradually begin to experience more ease in our daily lives and our projects, and some of the heavier Saturn energy that has been doling out lessons having to do with discipline, responsibility, and commitments will begin to lift and soften. The days surrounding this transition however can bring stronger than normal Saturn energy, and we may temporarily feel the effects of these lessons more intensely. Our Removing Obstacles™ blend is designed to help ease some of the more challenging energy that Saturn can send our way, and help us to integrate some of Saturn’s lessons so that we can grow stronger and be more equipped to meet our goals.

Saturn transits are not typically viewed as good news, but if we take the time to listen to and work with lessons that this planet brings, it’s a huge opportunity for us to make positive changes that can really propel us forward in life. Mastering issues around discipline, commitments and responsibility actually provide us with more freedom and opportunity rather than holding us back or restricting us. This is why Gurumayi Chidvilasananda, a meditation master and yogic Guru says in her book, “The Yoga of Discipline” that discipline brings total freedom and ultimately grants us liberation from the bondage of life.

Once named “Saturn Block” Removing Obstacles™ contains ingredients from the Nature Kingdom that are believed to help soften some of Saturn’s harsher aspects. It can help to break down resistance to learning some of these lessons, and help to remove some of the energetic blocks that may keep us from moving forward. Sometimes we may have blocks that we are not even consciously aware of (which makes it hard to work with), however Removing Obstacles™ is formulated with ingredients that traditionally help with accessing sub and unconscious states, and releasing fears, beliefs and behaviors stored inside. This blend also targets blocks in the Root Chakra, which typically involve survival issues, fears, and family matters. As blocks in this chakra make it near impossible to meditate and prevent one from reaching higher states, Removing Obstacles™ is a great companion essence to pair with the following Essences:

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