Cleanse and Release Emotional Weight this Full Moon with Release It™ and White Light™

Cleanse and Release Emotional Weight this Full Moon with Release It™ and White Light™

Release Emotional Weight this Full Moon

The Full Wolf Moon occurs today in the sign of Cancer. With Cancer being the sign that is ruled by the moon, this full moon may bring feelings to the forefront more strongly than usual, and this may be amplified more as 2020 draws to a close and you reflect on the past year and look ahead towards 2021. This energy can help you to cleanse and release any emotional weight that you may have been carrying, clearing the way for new energy to move in in the new year. To help you release the old and invite in the new, we recommend using our Wolf Moon New Year’s Companion Essences Release It™ & White Light™.

Using Release It™ first, spray any areas of tension, along with the suggested areas for this blend as listed on the bottle. If you like, you can make an intention to release any old heavy emotions or energy from the past year. After a few moments, spray White Light™ over the same areas that you used Release It™. If you have time, take a few moments to sit still, and experience the subtle (and maybe not so subtle) responses your body has to the Essence.

If you’re working with these essences as drops, follow the same steps taking Release It™ Essence, pausing momentarily, and then following it with White Light™.

If time allows, take the luxury of a few moments to yourself, allowing yourself to sit quietly – focusing on a few centering breaths. If you’d like to incorporate prayer, mantra repetition or positive affirmations, you may do so at this time. You may find as you relax – even if for a brief moment – that you may have the spontaneous experience of pure, positive energy in the form of Light energy entering into your being.

A great way to continue using these Essences would be to use Release It™ at night before bed and White Light™ first thing in the morning. Although not necessary, you may also want to incorporate our Attract™ or Prosperity™ Essences throughout the day or as needed or desired. Working with these additional Essences, though not necessary (per se), can help increase the energy of abundance and attraction for whatever it is you want to manifest or create in your life in 2021.

Shanti Kai™ Companion Essences for Mind Clearing, Indigo Light™ and White Light™

Shanti Kai™ Companion Essences for Mind Clearing

Clear your mind and hit reset with Shanti Kai™ Companion Essences for Mind Clearing, Indigo Light™ and White Light™. Our Indigo Light™ Blend helps to clear third eye clutter, optimize intuition, and awaken visionary capabilities, while White Light™ promotes a sense of purity and renewal, inspiring a clean slate for new beginnings.

Use these essences during times of stress to help de-clutter your thoughts, or while studying and learning to promote focus and sustained mental energy. What’s more? This Companion Essence pairing is part of our Jet Lag Kit and is a superb duo for when you need to mentally reset after travel. It helps kickstart your mind and intuition, especially important if you need to be alert and refreshed but suffer from jetlag and tend to become sluggish or fatigued after travel.

Tip of the Week

To help refocus and rejuvenate your mind and clear your head, shake well to activate and then spray these essences over your third eye, temples, base of skull and throughout your aura, as often as needed.

June Solar Eclipse Companion Essences: Removing Obstacles™ and Transformation™

June Solar Eclipse Companion Essences: Removing Obstacles™ and Transformation™

Transformation and Removing Obstacles for the Eclipse
Aloha Friends,

Happy Fathers Day!!!… and big (BIG) shout-out to all the cat dads out there! ??? With quarantines still in place in so many areas it’s hard not being able to see our loved ones, but that’s also when we learn that true connection is within. We are honoring the Men in our Lives this month by unveiling our “Essences for Men” category… check it out and SAVE BIG through June!

On the note of distance not truly mattering… we just had our first Group Remote Healing Session using Shanti Kai™ Vibrational Essence Therapies, and it was sooo good to connect with so many of you from around the globe face to face and yet all in one place. I am always in awe that the essences can work like that … that’s nature at work on a truly mystical level..?? (more on that below).

On the topic of “nature’s awe”, today’s solar eclipse with new moon in cancer, and Annular “ring of Fire” phenomena, the second of 3 eclipses is currently underway…so hang on tight as we’ve got a couple more wild weeks before the cosmic energy calms down! Checkout our latest blog (Below) for more!Not only that, but we are starting a Monthly Shanti Kai™ Moon Meditation and Essence Healing Circle Meet up,…a test drive of what our deeper Group remote healing sessions are all about. More on that below!

We love you all and are so grateful to our clients, customers, and friends who are on this journey with us. We know it’s been hard on businesses and we are stocking our shelves with savings, to help you through so please check out our specials below!

This weekend the Sun moved into the sign of Cancer, and yesterday marked the summer solstice, followed by today’s “Ring of Fire” New Moon Annular Solar eclipse, also in the sign of Cancer. While we will not see this eclipse in North America, some parts of the world will be able to see the moon not quite cover the whole diameter of the sun, creating a ring of light or “fire”.  All of this Cancerian energy points to a lot of emotions coming to the surface and perhaps issues related to self-nurturing and taking care of others in need. And how well you manage your temperament (Fire energy) and emotions (water energy) may come up, forcing certain truths, and bringing situations and feelings to the forefront that may need resolution. As is true for all eclipses, this time is best spent taking some time to be still and go within, rather than taking action.

We are recommending our Transformation™ and Removing Obstacles™ Essence Blends for the next two weeks (leading up to another eclipse!) to help you more easily turn within during this period and access higher levels of transformation, helping you clear out inner obstacles, that would rob your peace of mind and helping you with elevating lower emotions, and feelings into higher ones.  While this is easy enough to say… we are all too aware, from countless other eclipse experiences, that when emotions do come to the surface it can seem more like a sh!tstorm, than a beautiful transformation. Spiritual awakening is rarely pretty to watch, let alone experience, and in the moments just before the clouds part and the light breaks through it may seem more like your sewer lines broke at the exact moment a tornado tore through town, upheaving the sewer line content into your midst in a violently fast whirling motion, instead of that that golden aura and beautiful white light you thought you’d be seeing instead.

We thus suggest when working with our June Solar Eclipse Companion Essences: Removing Obstacles™ and Transformation™, that you practice “baby steps”, (kind of like Bill Murray did in “What About Bob”).  You may not make the “radical jump” transforming hate into love, so instead go for moving from hate into dislike, and then maybe neutrality, to semi tolerant, and eventually you’ll arrive at “all out” transcendent love.

Before we give an exercise on working with these essences, here is a note about what to expect with any eclipse and why.

According to the ancient Indian science of Ayurveda, a Surya Grahan, or solar eclipse, is something mystical and beyond the realm of science, having far reaching impacts that effect everyone.

To understand why an eclipse has such deep cosmic meaning, you must understand it’s legend which (oversimplified) involves the moons of Saturn, Rahu and Ketu.  (Rahu and Ketu are points of intersection between the moon and sun and are respectively referred to as the north and south lunar nodes). Rahu represents greed and lust… selfish desires and indulgence, while Ketu is the great liberator, who in legend frees the sun and moon from Rahu who selfishly engulfed them.

Often on Facebook and Instagram, leading up to eclipse, you’ll see a plethora of posts from well-intended astrologers, life coaches or spiritually aligned therapists, advising we all plant new seeds during eclipses; but eclipses have long since been known as inauspicious  (since the beginning of time in fact).  As mentioned above, an eclipse is Rahu’s revenge on the sun and moon, a time when he steals their light, robbing us humans of the light quotient our brain receptors are accustomed to, causing confusion in our subtle bodies.  In fact, the truth is eclipse are a terrible time to start new endeavors, as new endeavors are blessed with “light”.  Our White Light™ Essence for instance, is our essence for new beginnings… but during an eclipse Rahu has selfishly gobbled up the light, casting a shadow of doubt on any new endeavors started during this time.

Eclipses can be a good time for meditation or other spiritual and contemplative practices, in fact yogic traditions find eclipses are a powerful time where deep transformation can occur.  But unlike our tendency in the west, to want to be outside witnessing this cosmic act, Vedic science would not encourage it. Turning inward can not only help protect you from harmful effects but can help replenish energetic reserves, that might otherwise get depleted.

Moreover the periods of time in between eclipses can be a bit like navigating in a half state, or inter dimensional space… things just don’t quite line up like they normally would or should, and in this case, we are in a sequence of 3 eclipses… with the final being on July 4th through the 5th. Thus, consider using the recommended Essences until we are out of the shadow period of the last eclipse, in mid July.And now, as promised, here’s our Exercise on Working with our June Solar Eclipse Companion Essences: Removing Obstacles™ and Transformation™:

(l.) Tune into where you feel the “inner blockages”…where do you feel your emotions?   If you are angry, is it in your chest? If you are worried or anxious, in your stomach (or chest)?  If its confusion, is it in your mind…if it’s overwhelm, your back or shoulders? Is it a pain in your neck or in your bleep?

Because knowing where you somaticize (or hold onto) the emotion in your physical body, is the first step.

(2.) Shake your bottle of Removing Obstacles™ and apply over your: 3rd eye area, forehead/ temples, neck (front & back) AND wherever you feel your emotions surging (or even just creeping to the surface).

(3.) Take a few deep breaths in and out, as if the area where you feel the block has a nose and is breathing in and out from this region. If it is your chest breathe in through the front of your chest center, exhale out the back side of your chest center, cleansing this area with breath and the essence energetically “downloads”.

(4.) Simply observe any sensations as if you are merely witnessing yourself doing this exercise in the third person. Stay in body and grounded, but merely witness your emotions and feelings, and any physical sensations as they rise and fall… ebb and flow.

Step out of judgment and into the space of neutrality. Nothing is good or bad. It is all just waves, peaks and valleys. One will surely come after another, joy and pain, conflict and peace… but just be the witness for now in this moment.

(5.) “Shake Shake Shake” your bottle of Transformation™ and then apply over same areas. This time using the same breath. If emotions or feelings intensify, just observe.

(6.) Sit with it a few moments, simply observing. You may wish to repeat step 5 again after a few moments.

(7.) If you have not felt your vibration lift significantly, repeat the entire sequence again, checking first to see if the feeling. or blockage, is still in the same area, or if it has moved.

(8.) After completion, you may add a layer of our Violet White™, Lighten Up™, White Light™, or Prosperity™ Essence to help elevate your vibrational state. Again, shake the bottle to activate, and then spray over same areas, and any new areas where you experience emotion or tension.

(9.) If you do not have it, you may substitute Release It™ for Removing Obstacles™, and you could potentially use Empower™ and/or Sapphire Master instead of Transformation™.

However, for the next 2 weeks following the eclipse, the recommended Eclipse Companion Essences are truly ideal.

Unplug and Clear This Holiday Season with Indigo Light™ and Frequencies of White Light™

Indigo Light and White Light

In the midst of Holiday, we often hear from clients and customers who feel at least somewhat Energetically bombarded …advertisements, social obligations, familial and/or work pressures, end of year duties, travel, children’s activities, and sometimes emotions (like loneliness or heaviness of heart, anxiety or even frustrations)…it’s no secret that the holiday period has long since been a heart chakra trigger for so many.  Sometimes you just need to unplug and clear, go within and start anew.  In a society that profits from your insecurities and neediness, sometimes you just need cleanse and get aligned with your own inner spirit, your higher guidance system and ultimately higher purpose.

Indigo Light™ from our Color Line, when sprayed over the third Eye, temples and base of skull, helps with clearing Third Eye clutter and focusing or applying the inner drishti (inner focus). Indigo Light is also the color signifying Archangel Michael, the Great Protector, who clears out negative energies with the dash of his sword. Those practicing meditation, yoga, or mindfulness (or aspiring to), or those whose workplace finds them using their mind a great deal may find Indigo Light a most valuable tool, especially during times of stress  (…but FYI some find they need to use it mid to long term (at least twice a daily for seven to ten days first).

While everyone can benefit from frequencies of pure White Light™, it is especially valuable during times of stress to allow your energy field time to integrate and assimilate.  Think of it like standing in a battlefield (with stress being the enemy) and you’re guarded by a thick white fog that gives you the advantage of invisibility… (while our Guardian Angel™ is more like wearing an armor, and our Golden Aura™ more like a blinding light).

Imagine your energy field like a big egg of light… but when tired or stressed it gets distressed, and even forms short circuits or  black holes that can have a vacuum like effect… our Frequencies of White Light™ temporarily fills in these pookas (or black holes) so you can have time to rebound without  interference. What’s more, going within, our Indigo Light™ may help you tap your innate intuitive intelligence so you can increase your self-Indigo Light™healing capability and rebound faster to stress and other challenges.

Weekly What’s Up: Wish Upon a Star on the Black Supermoon with Ajna™ and White Light™ Essences

Essences for the Black Supermoon

There’s a special lunar event happening today, a rare black supermoon! Every 2.5 years there are two new moons that occur in the same calendar month, called a black moon, and this one also happens to be a supermoon, meaning it is at the closest point to the Earth in its orbit. Tonight, and the nights following this new moon are also the perfect time for stargazing, as the stars are more visible than usual – and with the new moon energy, it’s also a perfect time for setting new intentions, forging new beginnings… and a perfect time to to go within, get in touch with your deepest truths and desires and make a wish.

Working with Shanti Kai™ Essences Ajna™: Third Eye and White Light™, spend a few minutes under the black velvet sky, do a little meditation or focused breathing, and let our Essences help you see deep within your own psyche, get in touch with your deepest desires and truths, and align with the energy of new beginnings.

Ajna™: Third Eye Chakra Essence from the Shanti Kai™ Chakra Line is designed to balance and open the third-eye chakra, encouraging greater access to your intuition and your true needs and wants. This blend also promotes greater wisdom and helps to strengthen your connection with your higher guidance system.

White Light™, from our Color Line, is designed to bring the energy of pure, white light into your energy field, providing you with a clean slate to help to encourage new beginnings. This blend helps to protect you from negativity and keep you in a state of purity, and is also beneficial for those doing healing work to bring strength and light to areas where deep energetic clearing has occurred.SALE: 20% off these Essences for a limited time!

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