Tips on Working with Essences

Tips on Working with Essences

Essences are tools for us to work through different aspects of life, problems that emerge, issues that come up, situations that arise, etc. They work primarily on the subtle energy bodies and affect the physical body as a downstream event. Those that are not as sensitive or as “tuned in” to their body or energy system may not experience the action of an essence right away. For this reason, we recommend writing down everything you are experiencing at the start of taking an essence and to check in midway through and after with your original list. Even if a problem is not totally resolved you will likely find it has changed and/or improved.

When working with essences, it’s important to work with what comes up, as this is often a sign the essence is working. We can help it along by doing the inner (and sometimes outer) work of addressing issues that surface while using essences. Sometimes this might mean consciously working to improve things like diet and exercise. (In that particular case, Shanti Kai’s Transitions Blend can be a great essence to incorporate, as it is specifically designed to help change habits.) Other times this means not sweeping things that bother us or uncomfortable feelings or emotions under the carpet, but inspecting them, contemplating them, and working with them to see if there is conscious effort that needs to be made. Sometimes “stuff” might come up during essence use that needs help releasing. If you find yourself feeling stuck, it may be that supplementing the essence you are using with Release It™ or Lighten Up™ might help move some of the stuck energy out.

Another way to work with essences is to use them acutely. For example, if you find yourself experiencing high levels of tension and/or stress, you could use for instance the Healer Within Essence™ blend every 15 minutes and then reduce to every half hour, and then reduce to every hour until the tension has shifted. Because essences are vibrational there is no need to fear overdose – if you get too much it will simply “evaporate” off. That being said, sometimes our responses to essences can be quite strong as they can activate a release to occur. If this happens, you may want to work with another essence like White Light™ or Earth Chakra™ to help calm and/or ground the release experience. Other times you may find yourself needing to do something outwardly to shift your experience, and because essences work to align your vibrational field, you may find yourself being innately or spontaneously guided to a resource that can help you, or to take action in a certain way. Often times people find that simply using the essence, being open to change, and being willing to release any resistance is enough to produce a profound shift and lasting result.

You might also find it beneficial to alternate essences every 15 minutes, for instance alternating Clarity™ and Hope™ to ease overwhelm, confusion, feelings of despair, or to aid focus on the highest potential outcome. It may also help to work with affirmations or decrees, or conscious breathing practices while using the essences, especially when using them acutely. Acute essence usage is almost always a good tool when trying to navigate through an experience of overwhelm. You can alternate spraying different areas of the physical body or aura at different time intervals. We find the most sensitive and helpful areas to spray on the physical body are often the forehead/third-eye area, temples, base of skull, throat, front and back of heart center, abdomen and root area, along the spine (especially the base), backs of knees, ankles, and bottoms of the feet… but these are just suggestions. If you have a way of dowsing or checking yourself for where you should spray an essence, we always recommend listening to your own higher guidance first, and using our suggestions as general guidelines if you are unclear.

As always, we are here to answer your questions. Simply fill out our Contact Us form or shoot us an email at info@ShantiKaiEssences.com. Or better yet, post on our Facebook page as if you have a question it’s likely someone else might have the same one.

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