Jayme, today Kelly* is doing soooo much better. She was able to stand up, walk around and go to the bathroom on her own. These are very big steps as the day before she was very weak and completely bed-ridden with infection [and downtrodden from her doctor’s diagnosis that the cancer treatments all have failed and she is dying]. Her breathing is a lot better and her lung whizzing is gone. Honestly I could not believe such a hugely positive transformation!!! Thank you so much for the amazing work on her!

*names have been changed

Natalie P.

Note: this has been edited by author on February 24, 2016 with updates.

I was having back problems and surgery was recommended. I also had a torn Achilles tendon that was causing problems for me walking. We decided to pursue repair of the Achilles in hopes that normal walking would help my back problems some.

I did the normal PT after the Achilles surgery and followed the doctor’s instructions. I knew it would take a long time to heal completely, and after a couple of months it still hurt. My ankle was swollen and was a blackish-greenish color. In fact the pain and swelling were so bad, even many weeks after the surgery I was still experiencing trouble walking or being on my feet for any length of time.

Jayme was at my house for another activity, and she saw how much I was struggling and asked if I wanted her to look at it. I didn’t fully understand the type of work she did and tended to lean toward skeptical, or at least uncertain if I believed in it. As nothing else was working I agreed to have her look at it. (The truth however was that I just agreed to have her look at it because I didn’t want to hurt her feelings. I simply knew she could not help me).

During the time she worked on me I laid down on my back. She held my ankle and closed her eyes. I felt surges of electricity go up and down my leg and then intermittent electric sensations – like shocks – in the area she was working. I had never experienced anything like it before. At one point the phone rang and I had to take a call, she just kept working on it for just under an hour or so. (I mention this to the reader so you understand I wasn’t even actively paying attention a good portion of the time she worked. I didn’t think it was that important what she was doing except when the electric sensations became quite intense – then I started to pay attention!)

The next morning I woke up amazed at the results! To my utter disbelief my ankle was better. At first I thought maybe it just looked and felt better but that once I started walking it would all come back. To my surprise as I moved around that day, the ankle felt stronger and the pain left completely – I really do know it WAS in fact a miracle. I was even able to travel to the mainland the next week and be on my feet for several events a day without any pain or problems. My friends and family who knew how much I had been suffering were amazed. They know that I wasn’t a believer in this kind of healing and so to hear me walking around talking about it stunned a lot of people. But no one could deny the obvious transformation. One day it looked like I had a long hard road ahead of me, and the next day I was back on my feet. It truly is miracle. She really IS the Real Thing.

It has now been several months since this experience and my ankle remains pain free.

Jen R.

I have known Jayme since 2005 when she became one of my most dedicated yoga students at The Yoga Loft and one of the most valuable members of The Yoga Loft team.

I was very interested in Jayme as an Alternative Health Practitioner, not only for myself, but also for my students whom I knew would benefit greatly from working with her. I had a few private sessions with Jayme first to get a better understanding of how she worked and to have more information to recommend to my students. I was amazed at the healing benefits I received and I felt incredibly comfortable with Jayme as she read my needs and was effortlessly able to make adjustments during the session based on what came up for me personally.

After working with her privately, Jayme began offering monthly and sometimes bi-monthly Breathwork Therapy Workshops at my studio (which she maintained until she moved away). In group settings, Jayme was able to continue that personal connection, sync with individual needs and manage each and every student’s responses with great efficiency and repose. After every workshop, the feedback was unanimously positive and the same students participated every time we offered the workshop at the studio. In other words, they didn’t want to miss a single opportunity to have Jayme facilitate their process and relieve whatever pain, injury, emotional turbulence or blockages they were experiencing.

Many of my students who had attended her breathwork workshops and others whom I referred were interested in the other techniques she worked with to pinpoint what was causing their problems and pain. In my experience, and from hearing feedback, the Private work was especially helpful and healing- the energetic aspect was very helpful and many reported feeling areas of their body heat up and release as she worked with them & found working with her effective in removing blockages and releasing pain and tension.

I know how delicate it can be to work with people’s energy and I have the utmost faith and trust in Jayme. I was happy to refer my students to Jayme for chronic pain issues, injury and emotional well-being. She was able to work with larger groups at the studio with personal attention to each student, high level of professionalism, and great amount of preparedness. The workshops given by Jayme at The Yoga Loft were by far the most popular ones I have offered in the seven years I have been open. She has touched and helped so many people, including myself, and she is greatly missed in our community.

Alice B.

When I arrived at my first breathworks workshop led by Jayme, I had no idea what to expect. Jayme gently guided all of us through the process and created a safe and comfortable place. While breathing, my entire body tingled like nothing I had experienced before. All different kinds of emotions rose up from different memories that came to mind, and the breath would carry them away, leaving me feeling lighter. Messages and ideas came to me – things I could do to make my life easier, things I could let go of that only cause me needless suffering, positive thoughts and affirmations I should embrace. I felt a renewed sense of hope, inspiration, and energy.

There were times through this process that I became cold from all of the releasing. Without me saying a word Jayme knew this and came over with heating pads to make me comfortable. Even in a classroom with many other students, Jayme was attentive to me and always knew when I needed extra support. I felt safe and protected the entire time.

Leaving the breathworks class, I felt grounded, peaceful, and calm. I felt renewed, ready to take on anything life had to offer. I felt lighter, no longer weighed down with emotional burden and negative thoughts or beliefs. It was such an incredible experience. After that first class, I attended every breakworks class Jayme offered until she moved away from the area. I wish she was still in New England, I would love to attend her classes again for they are truly amazing.

Stephen B.

Words cannot possibly express how grateful I am that Jayme came into my life. When I met her I was at a serious low, feeling constantly depressed, frustrated, anxious, and misunderstood. Through everything I have learned from working with her, I have moved out of that space and into one where I have more understanding, compassion for myself and others, and I have gained more personal power. I could not have ever have achieved what I have in such a short amount of time without this amazing woman. There is not enough lifetimes to repay her for all her generosity and help in my journey. Much of the work I’ve done with her has been through the phone and it never ceases to amaze me how powerful and effective it is working from so far away. Thank you!

Group Breathwork with Jayme was an experience unlike any other. On top of her amazing ability to handle every energy in the room, her compassion and attentiveness to every last person and every last detail, even in large groups, was truly amazing and inspiring. It is an experience that truly helped me to shift and release a lot of emotions and truly changed my perspective on what we are as human beings. I will never forget it.

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