Natalie P.

Note: this has been edited by author on February 24, 2016 with updates.

I was having back problems and surgery was recommended. I also had a torn Achilles tendon that was causing problems for me walking. We decided to pursue repair of the Achilles in hopes that normal walking would help my back problems some.

I did the normal PT after the Achilles surgery and followed the doctor’s instructions. I knew it would take a long time to heal completely, and after a couple of months it still hurt. My ankle was swollen and was a blackish-greenish color. In fact the pain and swelling were so bad, even many weeks after the surgery I was still experiencing trouble walking or being on my feet for any length of time.

Jayme was at my house for another activity, and she saw how much I was struggling and asked if I wanted her to look at it. I didn’t fully understand the type of work she did and tended to lean toward skeptical, or at least uncertain if I believed in it. As nothing else was working I agreed to have her look at it. (The truth however was that I just agreed to have her look at it because I didn’t want to hurt her feelings. I simply knew she could not help me).

During the time she worked on me I laid down on my back. She held my ankle and closed her eyes. I felt surges of electricity go up and down my leg and then intermittent electric sensations – like shocks – in the area she was working. I had never experienced anything like it before. At one point the phone rang and I had to take a call, she just kept working on it for just under an hour or so. (I mention this to the reader so you understand I wasn’t even actively paying attention a good portion of the time she worked. I didn’t think it was that important what she was doing except when the electric sensations became quite intense – then I started to pay attention!)

The next morning I woke up amazed at the results! To my utter disbelief my ankle was better. At first I thought maybe it just looked and felt better but that once I started walking it would all come back. To my surprise as I moved around that day, the ankle felt stronger and the pain left completely – I really do know it WAS in fact a miracle. I was even able to travel to the mainland the next week and be on my feet for several events a day without any pain or problems. My friends and family who knew how much I had been suffering were amazed. They know that I wasn’t a believer in this kind of healing and so to hear me walking around talking about it stunned a lot of people. But no one could deny the obvious transformation. One day it looked like I had a long hard road ahead of me, and the next day I was back on my feet. It truly is miracle. She really IS the Real Thing.

It has now been several months since this experience and my ankle remains pain free.


Jayme is the most gifted healer I’ve ever worked with. She was able to help me when no one else could.

Anna S.

Before I started doing private sessions with Jayme, I was in a pretty low place, emotionally. I had almost always struggled with issues of feeling depressed and down on myself and feeling like I’m different from everyone and misunderstood. During school years I imagined that it was something that would just go away in adulthood and that after I got over whatever “hump” I was experiencing, life would be better. Instead, things seemed to get worse with age, and I found myself reaching for different treatments from talk therapy, to different modalities of spirituality, to Reiki and psychic advice, in attempts to try and fix myself. Some things just didn’t work, or they allowed me to cope just enough to stay afloat, but nothing ever seemed to really heal or solve any of the issues that I had.

I decided to give Jayme’s services a try after having been introduced to her essences and having success with them. I felt emotional relief and experienced some significant physical releases of energy just after the first session. It was incredible! I kept going back for regular sessions and over the next few months Jayme helped me to get out of a very unhealthy relationship and to start to heal the wounds that got me into it in the first place, as well as other issues that I had dealt with my whole life. From the get-go, what has been amazing about this work is that it really produces tangible results, which had been missing from other work I had done in the past. I have been working with Jayme for a few years now and the ways that I have grown and moved forward in my life, as well as the emotional and spiritual strength I’ve gained, have been very significant. I have gained a lot of great tools and healing that have led to healthier relating patterns in dating and other areas of life, and I have a much healthier sense of self than I’ve ever had. What’s even more amazing is that Jayme is able to do all this work over the phone! I cannot recommend her services enough, and am so grateful for the ways they have helped and changed me.

Ryan C.

Boston Marathon:

I first came to Jayme in 2009 at the referral of a friend for my low back pain. I had been keeping it under control with massage and chiropractic care, but one day I woke up and it hurt so bad I couldn’t move. My friend insisted I go see Jayme and so I went. Jayme had me lay on my stomach and she put her hands on my back. She worked this way for over 2 hours. The next day I was fine. Though it was a recurring back problem, the problem stayed away for 3 years after she worked on me and only came back after I was reinjured there. However, the reason for this testimonial is a more recent experience.

I’m a musician and my love of music and striving to be a better musician has caused me to want to work on myself on deeper levels in order to further my artistic capabilities. When a friend of mine invited me to go to Hawaii to take a Healing Class with Jayme, even though its not the sort of thing I normally would do, I felt drawn to go as I recognized this might be the opportunity I had been looking for to improve myself. When we returned from Hawaii, I had a very interesting experience that validated to me the reason I had gone, some of the lessons I had learned while there, as well as a breakthrough I had made.

We returned from Hawaii arriving back in Boston just before Patriots Day, the day of the Boston Marathon. On Patriots Day, I decided to take my new girlfriend (who is new to the Boston area) into town so she could see and experience this Boston tradition for the first time. We took the train in and walked from North Station over to Back Bay and walked thru the Boston Commons- it was so beautiful- everyone was out and in a good mood. We had breakfast, and then headed in to the marathon, fighting thru the crowd. By the time we got there, even though I should’ve been excited to finally be in, for some reason I just couldn’t relax and enjoy the marathon. I felt so uneasy that I mentioned how I was feeling to my girlfriend a couple times, even telling her that I didn’t want to be there. She acknowledged how I was but we decided to get closer to the finish line and take pictures anyway since it was her first time there. We walked down the street to go toward the Boston Public Library but we couldn’t get across it anywhere so we continued to hang out near the finish line. About that time I again mentioned I was uncomfortable about the crowd and expressed that I wanted to go. My girlfriend was puzzled but said “ok let’s go get something to eat.” As soon as we walked away from the finish line, this wave of relief washed over me. I noticed that it was odd that I was so relieved to leave- as crowds do not usually bother me. We walked to a place to get lunch and the moment we sat down we got word that Boston was under attack – we had missed the Boston Marathon Bombings by a matter of minutes and had literally been standing right where the explosions happened.

To tie this in to my work with Jayme in Hawaii, when in Hawaii I was working on discernment . I did some really deep work on listening to my intuition and learning to discern when I needed to act and when it was okay to be passive. In example, during a break one day in between class, I knew I was supposed to be back at class at a certain time, and for whatever reason, I wanted to take “just a few more minutes” rather than listening to my instinct that it was time to go back. When I came back to class, my classmate told Jayme we were late because I had wanted extra time, and so Jayme questioned me on it and used it to show me how I was blocking my inner guidance; she also pointed to a tendency toward procrastination and urged me to work on this while I was there. She told me to pay attention to how I process and to look at any procrastination issues in applying my intuition.

Normally, if someone tried to get thru to me these insights, I would feel resistance to looking at them or would feel misunderstood. But one day Jayme stopped the class and cleared out the room and explained to me it was okay to be there, that I wasn’t a burden, and that it was ok to have needs and feelings. Right on the spot we did some one-on-work in which I had a breakthrough as to some of the deeper patterns that were at play; I realized that I was born into this feeling of being a burden on others, of not having the right to be here (on Earth) and of not feeling supported. Because of the work we did, I really got it that it was okay to express my needs, and that I should listen to my intuition (without procrastination) when I felt it was time to go or time to do something. I saw how procrastinating against my intuition had held me back in big and small ways throughout my life and how not asking for what I needed or not expressing my needs had caused me to have deep seated anger that would boil up at unforeseen times.

Prior to doing this work in Hawaii, I wouldn’t have listened or noticed the uneasiness I was feeling on the day of the Marathon. I wouldn’t have said anything about wanting to leave the crowd- I would’ve just gone along with it. Seeing as my new girlfriend was having a good time, I would’ve hung out there at the finish line as long as she wanted. I had been so hesitant to inconvenience anyone, or go against the grain, but because of the work I’d done with Jayme I didn’t have a problem expressing my needs and insights that day at the Marathon. As a result, my girlfriend and I narrowly missed being casualties or possibly fatalities in the explosions. My girlfriend is so grateful I spoke up. I am so grateful I had done this work and was actively working on listening to my intuition and speaking up!

Jeremiah S.

I heard about Jayme through a close friend. She shared with me the wonderful experiences she had working with Jayme and how through spiritual healing she was able to accomplish things she never was able to during therapy. Having a Bachelors of Science in Psychology, & being a scientific researcher, I was skeptical. I understand science and how the mind works; I would think to myself, “if she thinks she feels better great, who am I say that it does not work–for her.” As time went on I heard more and more about Jayme and the work they were doing. I had my doubts sometimes even thinking my friend might be being taken advantage of or even that this woman was a fraud, but again my friend felt better and money could not buy that, so I stayed quiet.

Through an unexpected chain of events I was able to experience a healing session. During the session I mostly sat quiet and Jayme worked with me through the phone, which I might say added a whole different layer of skepticism. We initially talked about me and a bit about my story, and then she would ask if she could do some spiritual healing with me.

The session turned out to be an amazing experience. She talked with me on the phone through what she was doing and what was happening. During the session I had some images come into my mind, visuals of things that I wasn’t sure of but as she described to me what she was working on she was perfectly describing the images in my mind. She put words to things that I had felt prior to the session; she talked about things that have been bothering me that I have not spoken with to anyone. The real exciting part of the session though came the next day. I woke up feeling a calm and acceptance with a relationship issue that I was previously very distraught over. An issue which was causing me great anxiety and heartache. On that morning, I felt lighter and my heart was full of peace. From that first session, I am no longer a skeptic.

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