My cat, Ollie, has had chronic respiratory infections throughout the years, especially during periods of stress. Every time I moved to a new place, the stress would weaken her immune system and she’d develop a respiratory infection. I’d have to bring her to the vet and put her on antibiotics. This is always a horrible and stressful experience for both of us, since she hates taking the antibiotics and I struggle to administer them. The last time she started developing symptoms of congestion and sneezing, I was desperate to avoid putting her on antibiotics yet again. I felt helpless, like this cycle of sickness would haunt us forever. I booked a phone session with Jayme, wherein she used her remote Essence Therapies… I was hopeful a different method would be effective without the stress and trauma associated with vet trips and medication.

During the session, Jayme used her Shanti Kai essence therapy techniques to transfer essences energetically over the phone (from where she was in Hawaii) to my cat Ollie in Boston. She worked like this for almost two hours. The next day, Ollie seemed very tired, so I asked Jayme to check on her. We worked another 90 minutes, and I was so relieved to see her energy came back and the symptoms subside. She said she was releasing, and that we were able to help it along by working more the next day. She also made a personalized essence tailored to Ollie’s specific needs, which I put on her cat treats twice a day. So easy! Within 2 days after the session, Ollie’s symptoms decreased dramatically and a few days after that she was back to her normal self. I was amazed and beyond grateful at how effective Shanti Kai essence therapy was, and the best part was my cat stayed comfortable and peaceful at home! To this day, I continue to give Ollie essences and I really do believe she’s stayed a healthier kitty because of it.

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