Before I started doing private sessions with Jayme, I was in a pretty low place, emotionally. I had almost always struggled with issues of feeling depressed and down on myself and feeling like I’m different from everyone and misunderstood. During school years I imagined that it was something that would just go away in adulthood and that after I got over whatever “hump” I was experiencing, life would be better. Instead, things seemed to get worse with age, and I found myself reaching for different treatments from talk therapy, to different modalities of spirituality, to Reiki and psychic advice, in attempts to try and fix myself. Some things just didn’t work, or they allowed me to cope just enough to stay afloat, but nothing ever seemed to really heal or solve any of the issues that I had.

I decided to give Jayme’s services a try after having been introduced to her essences and having success with them. I felt emotional relief and experienced some significant physical releases of energy just after the first session. It was incredible! I kept going back for regular sessions and over the next few months Jayme helped me to get out of a very unhealthy relationship and to start to heal the wounds that got me into it in the first place, as well as other issues that I had dealt with my whole life. From the get-go, what has been amazing about this work is that it really produces tangible results, which had been missing from other work I had done in the past. I have been working with Jayme for a few years now and the ways that I have grown and moved forward in my life, as well as the emotional and spiritual strength I’ve gained, have been very significant. I have gained a lot of great tools and healing that have led to healthier relating patterns in dating and other areas of life, and I have a much healthier sense of self than I’ve ever had. What’s even more amazing is that Jayme is able to do all this work over the phone! I cannot recommend her services enough, and am so grateful for the ways they have helped and changed me.

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