I have no idea how I’ve ever started a new job in the past without essences. I just finished my first week at a new position and the first few days felt very stressful. I had to get used to a completely new area, in the middle of the city, with a lot more people, tall buildings, and new energies. Within the office I faced a group of people I didn’t know and new expectations and responsibilities. The first couple of days I felt bombarded with stress from feeling like all eyes were on me, feeling very self-conscious and doubting my ability to fit in acclimate.

A couple of hours into the day I would start to feel the back of my neck tightening up in a way in never has before and I thought I was going to seize up with stress and not be able to handle the rest of the day. I started using Lighten Up on my neck and other tense areas, and went back to my desk feeling so much more calm and less overwhelmed. That night Clear My Space and Guardian Angel came in the mail and I used them the next day before work. I noticed that my feelings of tension and dread of facing a group of people that I didn’t know, socially, had greatly subsided and I felt more comfortable. Other people seemed friendlier towards me as well. From that day on I felt so much more competent on the job, and able to actually enjoy being there. Shanti Kai essences helped me to adapt and adjust and I’m so thankful for them!

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