I wanted to write and say that I am feeling some energetic shifts in my work as a teacher because of the different essences. I feel more in tune with my students, lighter and more relaxed. I used to feel drained after a long day but now I’m finding hidden energy, patience and peace.

I know there is more to explore with the essences and science of vibrations, I just felt compelled to leave a testimony. After just a short time, I am noticing: a clean and clear classroom (Clear My Space), more in tune with nature and its vibrancy (Fairy Dust), feeling more playful, grounded and protected. (Guardian Angel, Earth Chakra). I feel that I am going at my own pace, rather than feel rushed. The influences of others in my aura are not as strong. I am also more aware to take care of myself in the moment. In addition, I am able to let my day go and be present with myself at night, rather than obsessively thinking about the day and all of my interactions. I am dancing and meditating again and taking time to do things that I enjoy.

I am so grateful to discover Shanti Kai essences. Much appreciation and gratitude from Atlanta. ??

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