I sought guidance and assistance from Jayme because I had been feeling miserable with my career and unhappy with life even though I tried so many things to find happiness — I’ve vented my frustrations to friends and family, watched many inspirational documentaries and movies, talked to a therapist, and have even sought advice from various psychics/intuitive readers. Although it helped to vocalize my frustrations, worries, and talk about life in general, I still felt stuck, unhappy, and unable to get over the “hump” I was in. It was also informative to be able to hear future predictions from psychics and/or intuitive readers, but I did not just need future predictions —– I actually needed to heal emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually to be able to progress in life.

After feeling like I have exhausted my options in trying to get out of the “hump” I was in, I came across Jayme’s information and thought I should try to work with her because I knew I needed to help myself but did not know at that point which avenue to take. I have had my doubts when I first sought Jayme’s assistance, especially since I am naturally a critical thinker and have already consulted with other psychics in the past. It really eased my doubts knowing that Jayme had an educational background from Harvard and that the worst thing that could happen to me is that I will continue to feel stuck in life if Jayme’s treatments are ineffective.

Fortunately, I decided to pursue working with Jayme and have done several treatment modalities with her such as hypnotherapy, breath work, energy work, as well as essence therapy. While working with Jayme, I discovered and recalled the traumas I have experienced during childhood that explained why I have certain behavioral patterns and beliefs. I was able to realize why I have been a perfectionist and expected excellence from myself, as well as why career patterns keep happening to me even though I transition to different jobs or agencies to attempt to remove myself from unpleasant situations. I can confidently say that Jayme was able to assist me in uncovering blockages that prevented me from being happy and reaching my potential. I am aware that life is a journey and there will always be challenges along the way, but at least I was able to change my perspective about life and I truly feel like I was able to release blockages and bad energies (such as perfectionism, pessimism, extremely high expectations from myself, trauma from being bullied as a child, etc.) I have been carrying with me.

It was a pleasant surprise and a big positive change in my life approximately 1 week after my second treatment with Jayme because I was offered a position for a company I have always wanted to work for. I was ecstatic to get this new job because I have only been searching for a new employment for approximately 3 weeks to 1 month since I started working with Jayme. This new position pays more than my previous job and I also felt that I am a good fit for this new position. In addition, I have a few friends who work for this company and the employees appear to be more professional and pleasant to work with compared to the colleagues I worked with at my previous employment. With Jayme’s guidance and assistance in my healing process, I am starting to feel happier, more confident, and life is beginning to look beautiful again. So thank you very much Jayme for assisting me in my healing process and I am glad to have found such a wonderful and compassionate healer to assist me with life challenges.

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