I lost my brother and this loss fractured my soul. I went to seek grief counseling but felt as though I was just running around in a circle of depression. I felt heavy, clouded, cluttered and so drained. My whole life had changed and I was completely without desire and hope. I began suffering from migraines that started the day he passed away and became progressively worse and more frequent. The arthritis I had for years in my shoulder became unbearable, when normally I have no symptoms. But most of all, I was simply no longer functioning in life.

A friend of mine told me about her experience with Dr Jayme Jensen and I immediately set up a call with her. I knew that my issue was not on a physical level but on a soul level and my soul knew that Jayme would be able to help me. I had no idea what to expect but I received Jayme’s help with an open mind and heart.

Jayme has completely changed my life and the lives of all of my family after losing my brother. Jayme has been able to help all of us and in just a few months and only two phone calls with her, our lives have turned completely around. I could go into explicit details of all the things that she has done and helped us with, but this testimony would turn into a book. Jayme truly cares for the souls she helps. She has even taken her personal time to help me on a moments notice when I had an emergency. She has given me advice and knowledge that I hold so dear and it has all given me hope again and helped me grow. Losing your hope in life is something that I can’t even explain in words. But I was empty and lost and Jayme helped me find the light inside myself which has filled up again and now I’m able to heal myself and help others.

I read somewhere that “a healer is not someone you go to for healing. A healer is someone that triggers within you, your own ability to heal yourself.” Jayme has helped clear me of things and open me up to my own light and it has made me strong and alive again. I will continue to seek guidance from Jayme for as long as she is willing to let me. I recommend her services to everyone that will hear me out and I have sent a number of my family members and close friends to her already. One day I will find a way to thank Jayme for all that she has done for me and my entire family.

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