I heard about Jayme through a close friend. She shared with me the wonderful experiences she had working with Jayme and how through spiritual healing she was able to accomplish things she never was able to during therapy. Having a Bachelors of Science in Psychology, & being a scientific researcher, I was skeptical. I understand science and how the mind works; I would think to myself, “if she thinks she feels better great, who am I say that it does not work–for her.” As time went on I heard more and more about Jayme and the work they were doing. I had my doubts sometimes even thinking my friend might be being taken advantage of or even that this woman was a fraud, but again my friend felt better and money could not buy that, so I stayed quiet.

Through an unexpected chain of events I was able to experience a healing session. During the session I mostly sat quiet and Jayme worked with me through the phone, which I might say added a whole different layer of skepticism. We initially talked about me and a bit about my story, and then she would ask if she could do some spiritual healing with me.

The session turned out to be an amazing experience. She talked with me on the phone through what she was doing and what was happening. During the session I had some images come into my mind, visuals of things that I wasn’t sure of but as she described to me what she was working on she was perfectly describing the images in my mind. She put words to things that I had felt prior to the session; she talked about things that have been bothering me that I have not spoken with to anyone. The real exciting part of the session though came the next day. I woke up feeling a calm and acceptance with a relationship issue that I was previously very distraught over. An issue which was causing me great anxiety and heartache. On that morning, I felt lighter and my heart was full of peace. From that first session, I am no longer a skeptic.

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