I am very grateful to Jayme for relieving my sacrum and left hip pain during her recent Group Healing sessions via Zoom. She connected immediately although remotely. Jayme “sees” with her eyes closed and her Essences continuously helped release blockages. Who knew brain fog can be treated? She noted when my spine was cleared of anesthesia from past surgeries (even though she couldn’t have known about the surgeries) but she could “see” when the energy from the surgery left me. Once my spine opened, the Essences could work deeper into my lower Chakras. She saw my sciatica being cleared all the way down my left leg, though again, she didn’t technically know I had sciatica (I hadn’t told her) but she mentioned during the group healing that she was seeing the energy field she sees around sciatica clearing on someone, and it was me that very moment, and later I confirmed it. Another area which kept releasing were my shoulders. They had been like rocks but they softened! Even my breathing deepened. I’m a believer. The sharp pain has not returned and I now know which essences work best for me to continue on my healing journey.

(Testimonial on our Vibrational Essence Therapy Group Healing Session)

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