Jayme did some remote healing work on our family dog- she was being very skittish and fearful and was peeing all over the place, acting very strange and out of blue- ALL OF THE SUDDEN- almost like she was possessed or totally haunted. I had gone to see Jayme in person without the dog because I had scheduled an appointment for myself (for a different health related issue I was having) but as the dog situation escalated, that ended up being my reason for going to her that day- well that and my daughter (we will call her JT) whose odd behaviors seem somewhat interrelated in this instance, though I would’ve never surmised this on my own.

I arrived home after the session at Jayme’s totally amazed… for 2 reasons really. To explain, I should take a step back. I had also asked Jayme to do some work on JT. She is 13 and has autistic like tendencies- the doctors don’t know what to call what she has but I keep coming back to Jayme because her work has been the only thing that has helped JT thus far. I can’t explain it but when she works with JT, even though it’s remote (I typically don’t bring her because she’s hyperactive and can’t sit still for more than a few minutes at a time), so Jayme works on her remotely using me to connect into her.

Almost every time she works on JT, I come home and the main thing I notice nearly every time is her speech and language is so much clearer. I no longer hear excessive slurring of words and she’s actually able to make complete statements. This time too, it was like night and day from where I had left her that morning, before going to Jayme’s (and I should note, it had been quite some time since I’d last seen her for a session).

On this particular occasion I asked Jayme to help my dog and also to check on JT because she was behaving very strangely and doing really odd things- AND because her speech was bad again. Jayme removed what she described (in great detail) as an aggressive energy (as she described it) from my dog- she said it was making him behave badly and as she saw it, was the underlying reason why he was peeing all over the house. In fact she described it with enormous detail and I might’ve thought it was crazy, except that I know Jayme’s work. That day, she also did some clearing on JT and again, it was with elaborate detail (if you’ve worked with Jayme you know what I mean- the way she sees things can seem wild). But here’s the thing, when I went home that day JT had been sitting drawing, and my husband said she’s been like that for almost a couple hours- close to how long I’d been with Jayme in session. That was a huge surprise because she can’t usually hold her attention very long so I was curious what she was working on that had her so occupied.

When I went over to see what she’d been drawing, it totally took my breath away…. JT had drawn, in elaborate detail the energies that she was removing from both JT and the dog. I know I already said this but I must emphasize she’d drawn them in ENORMOUS detail AT THAT. Things that sound so weird they’re hard to describe, my daughter had drawn all of it, all of that while Jayme was working on JT and the dog remotely through me. What’s more, the more I looked at the pictures the more I realize some of the things JT has been saying when her speech has been slurred matched the things Jayme was seeing and told me about…. so I was able to piece together incoherent bits and pieces I’ve been hearing from JT overtime that Jayme couldn’t have possibly known of, and that I couldn’t have possibly understood before seeing this.

The second thing that amazed me was that the dog’s behavior had totally stopped when I came home- my husband said there’s been no peeing in a couple of hours and that he had just been sleeping peacefully for the longest time on his bed (even that was a good sign because he’s been irritable and growling and not resting in his usual places- very discontent). I continued with the Shanti Kai Bow-Wow Dog Essence as she told me to, for several days, and my dog never misbehaved that way again. JT’s speech also got better and stayed that way for about 3 months…. and counting. (JT typically does do better after seeing Jayme for some time, unless something triggers her and then that’s when I know to go back, but each time she does seem to get stronger than before.)

I know this might all sound wild but it’s what happened and I wanted to write this testimonial because I know how I felt running around to vets for mysterious behavior, medical doctors and therapists (all of whom helped JT in some way but none like Jayme) and even myself. I’d had chronic fatigue for years before seeing her. One day, I saw her products announced at a store and when I saw her picture I just knew I had to see her. After my very first appointment my energy came back. I was so excited I went back twice that same week and then continued to seek her help for the rest of my family. My parents, animals, friends, and children, and even some of my husband’s family go to her now- and I’m so grateful for her help and support through the years.

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