My name is Molly Mckenzie & I’m the former owner of Coyote Moon, a metaphysical gift and book store in Baton Rouge, La, that is now owned by my son Doug. As a shop owner, I always felt it was my responsibility to work with the products on myself before I felt comfortable suggesting them to others.

In early 2011 I attended a workshop that had also drawn Jayme to our area. Jayme came home with me in order to catch her flight the next morning to Hawaii. When I dropped her at the airport she left me her spray bottles of Clear My Space and Guardian Angel sprays. She likes to travel with these. I began to use them and they convinced me that Jayme was on to something really unique and very powerful.

Last Fall I decided that I was strong enough to have a major stomach surgery that I had been putting off. Jayme worked me through it all: making a series of oral drops as well as sprays designed for before and then for after. Doctors said it would take 1 and 1/2 years for me to completely heal however in just a short amount of time I already feel wonderful and the doctors comment on the rapid recovery of my enormous scar, which is almost invisible now.

I have added all of Jayme’s sprays to the store’s shelves. My oldest son, Doug, owns the store now and her sprays are selling quite well.  I use the sprays every day and  give them to friends as gifts.

I know you will enjoy discovering all the ways the Shanti Kai Essences can improve your life and wellbeing.

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