Note: this has been edited by author on February 24, 2016 with updates.

I was having back problems and surgery was recommended. I also had a torn Achilles tendon that was causing problems for me walking. We decided to pursue repair of the Achilles in hopes that normal walking would help my back problems some.

I did the normal PT after the Achilles surgery and followed the doctor’s instructions. I knew it would take a long time to heal completely, and after a couple of months it still hurt. My ankle was swollen and was a blackish-greenish color. In fact the pain and swelling were so bad, even many weeks after the surgery I was still experiencing trouble walking or being on my feet for any length of time.

Jayme was at my house for another activity, and she saw how much I was struggling and asked if I wanted her to look at it. I didn’t fully understand the type of work she did and tended to lean toward skeptical, or at least uncertain if I believed in it. As nothing else was working I agreed to have her look at it. (The truth however was that I just agreed to have her look at it because I didn’t want to hurt her feelings. I simply knew she could not help me).

During the time she worked on me I laid down on my back. She held my ankle and closed her eyes. I felt surges of electricity go up and down my leg and then intermittent electric sensations – like shocks – in the area she was working. I had never experienced anything like it before. At one point the phone rang and I had to take a call, she just kept working on it for just under an hour or so. (I mention this to the reader so you understand I wasn’t even actively paying attention a good portion of the time she worked. I didn’t think it was that important what she was doing except when the electric sensations became quite intense – then I started to pay attention!)

The next morning I woke up amazed at the results! To my utter disbelief my ankle was better. At first I thought maybe it just looked and felt better but that once I started walking it would all come back. To my surprise as I moved around that day, the ankle felt stronger and the pain left completely – I really do know it WAS in fact a miracle. I was even able to travel to the mainland the next week and be on my feet for several events a day without any pain or problems. My friends and family who knew how much I had been suffering were amazed. They know that I wasn’t a believer in this kind of healing and so to hear me walking around talking about it stunned a lot of people. But no one could deny the obvious transformation. One day it looked like I had a long hard road ahead of me, and the next day I was back on my feet. It truly is miracle. She really IS the Real Thing.

It has now been several months since this experience and my ankle remains pain free.

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