When I first started working with Jayme 4 years ago, I was not in a good space – professionally I was miserable, physically I was fatigued & had chronic aches, mentally I couldn’t control my anxiety and suffered severe panic attacks, creatively I felt stuck,  and emotionally I was in a very unhealthy space with my relationships. I was fortunate enough to stumble upon a breath work class at my local yoga studio, met Jayme, and embarked upon the greatest period of self-realization, self- knowledge, spiritual and emotional healing in my life. Her spiritual work is the reason I am who I am today. It is the fastest, most effective way to REALLY make changes in your life. And not just changes that last until you forget everything you read in a self help book.

Changes that stay with you on levels you probably don’t even understand yet. (I know I didn’t when I started this work). Her unmatched ability to go INSIDE the issues; spiritually, emotionally and energetically, to the source, are the reasons I am where I am today. Prior to working with Jayme, I had been to prestigious ivy league doctors trying to find help & thru a renowned mind-body program (where I even ended up being a counselor/mentor for other attendees), but I did not get anywhere compared to the work I’ve since done with Jayme.  Helping you to see and break down the subconscious patterns, and the spiritual blockages running your life, Jayme singlehandedly pulled me from the muck and mire of my unhealthy belief patters and really helped ME to see how these things were effecting my life. I know when I first started working with Jayme, I had a hard time letting go, and an even harder time really believing in the changes I was making. I had a LOT of doubt in my mind and heart. But there was no way my mind could deny the changes I was seeing in my life and in my emotions. Even my physical body started to feel better. The day to day aches started to clear as I cleared myself. The more I let go into the spiritual side of this healing work, the easier my changes became and the easier my life became.

During one of my sessions, while working on issues with romantic relationships, she helped me hit one of the deepest issues keeping me from a happy, healthy relationship. After getting to this spiritual blockage and clearing it, she gave me a sign- the symbol of a pink rose quartz heart and had me imagine running the color of pink rose quartz through my body to anchor the new feeling. 2 days later I went out on a first date with a girl and had an amazing time. Later that night I noticed she was wearing a necklace with a pink stone in it. I asked her what the stone was. She said “pink rose quartz”. I nearly fell over. Later in her home I noticed a pink rose quartz heart by her bed. I have since then been in the most amazing relationship of my life and I know I wouldn’t have had it without the work I did with Jayme. Once again I was put face to face with my work and the clear changes I was making. It was impossible to deny it. I used to believe everything was coincidence and random. That everything that was happening to me I was a victim of. After everything I have been through, I have learned that NOTHING is coincidence and everything happens for a reason and with right timing. I don’t know I could have gotten to this place this quickly without Jayme’s help and I am eternally grateful for her and the work she does.

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