Boston Marathon:

I first came to Jayme in 2009 at the referral of a friend for my low back pain. I had been keeping it under control with massage and chiropractic care, but one day I woke up and it hurt so bad I couldn’t move. My friend insisted I go see Jayme and so I went. Jayme had me lay on my stomach and she put her hands on my back. She worked this way for over 2 hours. The next day I was fine. Though it was a recurring back problem, the problem stayed away for 3 years after she worked on me and only came back after I was reinjured there. However, the reason for this testimonial is a more recent experience.

I’m a musician and my love of music and striving to be a better musician has caused me to want to work on myself on deeper levels in order to further my artistic capabilities. When a friend of mine invited me to go to Hawaii to take a Healing Class with Jayme, even though its not the sort of thing I normally would do, I felt drawn to go as I recognized this might be the opportunity I had been looking for to improve myself. When we returned from Hawaii, I had a very interesting experience that validated to me the reason I had gone, some of the lessons I had learned while there, as well as a breakthrough I had made.

We returned from Hawaii arriving back in Boston just before Patriots Day, the day of the Boston Marathon. On Patriots Day, I decided to take my new girlfriend (who is new to the Boston area) into town so she could see and experience this Boston tradition for the first time. We took the train in and walked from North Station over to Back Bay and walked thru the Boston Commons- it was so beautiful- everyone was out and in a good mood. We had breakfast, and then headed in to the marathon, fighting thru the crowd. By the time we got there, even though I should’ve been excited to finally be in, for some reason I just couldn’t relax and enjoy the marathon. I felt so uneasy that I mentioned how I was feeling to my girlfriend a couple times, even telling her that I didn’t want to be there. She acknowledged how I was but we decided to get closer to the finish line and take pictures anyway since it was her first time there. We walked down the street to go toward the Boston Public Library but we couldn’t get across it anywhere so we continued to hang out near the finish line. About that time I again mentioned I was uncomfortable about the crowd and expressed that I wanted to go. My girlfriend was puzzled but said “ok let’s go get something to eat.” As soon as we walked away from the finish line, this wave of relief washed over me. I noticed that it was odd that I was so relieved to leave- as crowds do not usually bother me. We walked to a place to get lunch and the moment we sat down we got word that Boston was under attack – we had missed the Boston Marathon Bombings by a matter of minutes and had literally been standing right where the explosions happened.

To tie this in to my work with Jayme in Hawaii, when in Hawaii I was working on discernment . I did some really deep work on listening to my intuition and learning to discern when I needed to act and when it was okay to be passive. In example, during a break one day in between class, I knew I was supposed to be back at class at a certain time, and for whatever reason, I wanted to take “just a few more minutes” rather than listening to my instinct that it was time to go back. When I came back to class, my classmate told Jayme we were late because I had wanted extra time, and so Jayme questioned me on it and used it to show me how I was blocking my inner guidance; she also pointed to a tendency toward procrastination and urged me to work on this while I was there. She told me to pay attention to how I process and to look at any procrastination issues in applying my intuition.

Normally, if someone tried to get thru to me these insights, I would feel resistance to looking at them or would feel misunderstood. But one day Jayme stopped the class and cleared out the room and explained to me it was okay to be there, that I wasn’t a burden, and that it was ok to have needs and feelings. Right on the spot we did some one-on-work in which I had a breakthrough as to some of the deeper patterns that were at play; I realized that I was born into this feeling of being a burden on others, of not having the right to be here (on Earth) and of not feeling supported. Because of the work we did, I really got it that it was okay to express my needs, and that I should listen to my intuition (without procrastination) when I felt it was time to go or time to do something. I saw how procrastinating against my intuition had held me back in big and small ways throughout my life and how not asking for what I needed or not expressing my needs had caused me to have deep seated anger that would boil up at unforeseen times.

Prior to doing this work in Hawaii, I wouldn’t have listened or noticed the uneasiness I was feeling on the day of the Marathon. I wouldn’t have said anything about wanting to leave the crowd- I would’ve just gone along with it. Seeing as my new girlfriend was having a good time, I would’ve hung out there at the finish line as long as she wanted. I had been so hesitant to inconvenience anyone, or go against the grain, but because of the work I’d done with Jayme I didn’t have a problem expressing my needs and insights that day at the Marathon. As a result, my girlfriend and I narrowly missed being casualties or possibly fatalities in the explosions. My girlfriend is so grateful I spoke up. I am so grateful I had done this work and was actively working on listening to my intuition and speaking up!

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