Jayme is an enlightened and effective healer with the ability to bring about change. Her descriptive and accurate explanations convey a clear understanding of the spiritual activities that affect. I strongly endorse her for her strong abilities and kind and supportive nature.

Before visiting Jayme, I was blocked and muddling my way through a number of spiritual challenges. Rather than allowing the light in, I had just blocked everything. Part of the problem was that as a scientist and professional, I had always questioned that which cannot be reduced to solely a physical explanation. So, I tended to try to solve problems through physical, self-dependent solutions.

However, on my first session with Jayme, she read things from my past, and from that of my relatives, which are unknown to anyone but me, and cleared some deep and old items that had been hanging for some time. She devoted hours of her time to me and I could see her deeply caring and feeling qualities. During the clearing, I could see the changes. They were unlike anything I had seen before. I felt better, but could not physically explain how.

I attended Jayme’s breathwork workshops and continued to see regular change. I had not let go of my blocks, but the things that I had seen with Jayme and the energy work that she had done on me came together in a most appropriate time. At a most challenging moment, I witnessed a miracle, a very powerful spiritual experience. This re-focused me on my beliefs as a Christian. I no longer try to keep my own direction and I am proud to take my guidance from God. This placed me on the right path spiritually and in many other ways as well.

At that time, I let go of my blocks and opened up to receiving grace and direction. Spiritually, I came to understand these things because of Jayme’s supportive, caring, outgoing, unwavering, and consistent efforts to clear and explain those things which are otherwise too challenging to interpret.

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