The Healing Benefits of Shanti Kai™ Hibiscus Master Essence

Hibiscus Master Essence - Shanti Kai™

Discover The Healing Benefits of Shanti Kai™ Hibiscus Master Flower Essence

For centuries, Hibiscus Flower Essence has been celebrated for its array of medicinal properties. This liquid extract is created using the vibrational energy of over 22 varieties of hand selected Hibiscus Flowers, which results in a powerful Essence used in natural healing practices. Experience the magic of Shanti Kai™ Hibiscus Master Flower Essence for yourself.

Working with Shanti Kai™ Hibiscus Master Essence can be especially beneficial if you experience one or more of the following:

– Long hours seated at a desk and/or discomfort and issues your low back or hips
– Issues in your legs, feet, and/or spine
– Lack of motivation
– Hormonal issues
– Loss of passion for life
– Worry about the future
– Repetitive unpleasant thoughts, memories and/or feelings from the past
– Digestive/elimination imbalance
– Guilt, shame, and/or unworthiness, especially relating to relationship issues
– Trouble sitting for meditation
– Anger and/or tightness in your hips

Balances Lower Chakras

Our Hibiscus Master™ Flower Essence is a wonderful tool for balancing issues relating to your lower chakras. It promotes stability, grounding, and vitality, and encourages the release of lower chakra blocks, which may contain stored memories or stored trauma from early family life (i.e. childhood trauma) and stored emotion regarding your past.

Promotes Emotional Well-being

Shanti Kai™ Hibiscus Master Flower Essence has a unique ability to guide individuals through difficult emotional challenges. Due to its calming effects, Hibiscus Essence may be helpful in alleviating worry, stress, and other emotional blockages, and helping to promote overall emotional well-being.

Aids In Spiritual Upliftment

Shanti Kai™ Hibiscus Master Flower Essence has also been used to enhance spiritual awareness and aid in meditation practices. This Essence promotes inner reflection, helping to bring about feelings of peace and inner harmony.

Helps Balance Physical Health

The benefits of Hibiscus Master Flower Essence extend beyond emotional and spiritual well-being. Hibiscus Essence has been known to promote physical wellness and may help balance energies underlying problems in the lower chakras, including those related to the digestive and reproductive chakras. 

Moreover, Hibiscus Essence can be especially helpful if you spend long hours seated at a desk, or if you experience discomfort in your low back or hips.  It may further be beneficial for energies of circulation, hormones, relaxation and sleep – remembering of course, that Essences work in your energy field, and affect the physical body as a downstream event.

Gives Support for Life Transitions

Shanti Kai™ Hibiscus Master Flower Essence can be especially balancing during major life transitions, which may include divorce, death, job loss or other major upheavals. Its Essences can help to calm the mind and steady your emotions, making it easier to move forward with confidence and clarity. Using its Essence directly on your feet, legs, hips, low back and spine (i.e. areas relating to your Root and Sacral Chakras) can help clear blocked energies, bringing greater overall balance and flow, so you can continue to move forward in life. Its Essence teaches you to be present, and if it had an affirmation it would be: “Love this moment. This moment is your life.”

Aids Healthy Skin

You probably know Hibiscus contains AHAs which help to exfoliate the skin, unclog pores, and encourage cell renewal. This process helps to reduce inflammation and irritation that can lead to acne and blemishes. What’s even better however, is that in Essence form, Hibiscus helps create greater emotional harmony and balance, and is a great tool for resolving trauma that underlies problems with skin.   

If left unchecked, trauma and emotional imbalance can manifest in your skin. You may have seen the studies that show anger can manifest as blemishes, rash, pimples, or even acne.  Anger, if unchecked, can lead to frustrations with your skin as it finds a way to manifest outwardly and release.  As you work with Hibiscus Essences and move toward achieving greater balance, it is natural that you would see the benefits in your appearance, especially your skin – as its Essence helps you transform underlying imbalance, clearing your energy from the inside out.

Tips on How to Use Hibiscus Master Essence:

Learn more about this powerful healing agent and consider adding it to your daily routine:

How to use Hibiscus Essence:

For maximum benefit, try spraying Hibiscus Master Essence over your:

– Third Eye
– Temples
– Base of the skull
– Along your spine

As well as over the front and back of your:

– Base Chakras
– Hips
– Legs
– Feet

You may spray all of these areas at once or rotate each area with alternating use**. You can use this anytime you feel you could use some energetic support with any of these areas and to promote balance, motivation and greater passion for life.

You may also enjoy working with Hibiscus Master Essence in the following ways:

– Use before meditation to help prepare your foundation so you can sit for longer periods, until ultimately you can still both body and mind for long periods of time.

– Use before sitting for work, especially if you work in an office or cubicle type setting where you are seated for long hours. It may help you energetically balance and align your sitting bones so that over time you do not develop problems due to discomfort.

– Use as a room spray before working on projects or group gatherings as it may help to bring passion into whatever you are working on.

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