The Shanti Kai™ Jet Lag Kit: Energy Support For Travel

Jet Lag Kit

How Traveling Affects Us

Traveling can be so much fun…. but, as most of you also know, it can sometimes come with certain undesireable side effects.  Fatigue, insomnia, brain fog, anxiety and the like… you might better know them as,  eh hmmm… jet lag!   Before you even step foot in a car, train, or plane, there are so many things you have to get done!

Preparing for travel can be a barrage – arrangements must be made, and loose ends tied up – what should you bring and what will you wear – your makeup and sundries and oh yes, your hair! The pet sitter, the plants, the nanny, the car… parking and traffic – so good so far!

Crowded places, new faces and stress of delay, security and time zones…  all in one day!   New sleeping spaces, uncomfortable bed? naps on the plane – that hurts your head!  So much to process and oh so much stress…  Essences to the rescue to soothe your duress!  Lucky for you, we’ve thought of it too, and Shanti Kai™ Jet Lag will help see you through!


Shanti Kai™ Jet Lag Essences to the Rescue!

With so much to do, and so much involved, no wonder you’re tired before you even take off! But why, might you ask …. why the Color Line for jet lag and travel?

So here’s how I like to explain it: color is the simplest form of energy. Everything you see in physical form can ultimately be broken down into a series of wavelengths, and each wavelength has its own frequency, given as color. Color speaks the language of the subconscious mind, and is thus most readily assimilated by the human energy field. It’s therefore my go-to when I need Essences that I can respond to quickly, that are easy to assimilate and download – that deliver a quick burst of energy into my system, helping me find greater over-all balance. And I decided to share this little tip with you, in the form of a kit, because I know that when you’re traveling, it’s easy to become depleted, stressed, exhausted and put simply… imbalanced. Color Therapy is based on the ancient science of Ayurveda, which holds that the role color plays on your senses has important ramifications on the balance of your psyche, soul, and spirit.

While there are many Essences I can, and do, recommend for travel – i.e. Clear My Space™️, Guardian Angel™️, Healer Within™️, ImmunEase™️, Transitions™️, Take Me Away™️, and Release It™️, to name a few, it is the Color Line of Essences that headlines our Jet Lag Kit for this reason. The Color Line of Essences, targets energies that respond to a spectrum of color frequencies – as opposed to a more complex, multi-tiered Essence that may target an issue on a different level – and, involve a wide range of color frequencies.


The Shanti Kai™️ Jet Lag Kit

Garnet Glow™️

Garnet Glow™ targets circulation issues associated with travel, and can be helpful for relieving issues of stagnation, allowing ‘travel toxins to filter out before they form blockages within your system. Like its name sake, Garnet Glow™ is synergized to Frequencies of Radiant Red, and its Essence is formulated to inspire passion, motivation and movement. Used during travel, this Essence can help keep your energies of circulation moving. If youve ever had sore feet or a stiff low back after a long flight, then you already know what I mean! Applied at the earliest onset of malaise, and/or symptoms stagnation – i.e. the slightest hint of tingling or numbness, and other discomfort, it can help signal your physical body into action. From a vibrational level, it can in this way prevent energies of stagnation from further developing – helping you clear energy blocks (within your system) before they’ve even manifested!

Application: Spray Garnet Glow™ over your crown, base of skull, along spine, shoulders, low back, knees and ankles (front and back), as well as your feet 2x per day or as needed. Increase usage during travel as desired, applying at the earliest signs of your energy feeling blocked and/or at the first signs of fatigue. You may wish to apply throughout your flight to your ankles and feet (if possible) to help prevent swelling and other issues on an energetic level.

Golden Aura™️

Golden Aura™ is designed to help increase your prana, or life force, which is often depleted during travel. It also acts on the energies of respiration, making it ideal to use when flying, since changes in air quality and elevation can be a source of imbalance and can lead to symptoms of swelling and inflammation. Golden Aura™ energetically supports the lungs and heart, as well as the Crown area and Solar Plexus regions. Used during travel, it can help balance and strengthen this part of your energy field, as if reinforcing it so that you’re less affected by your surrounding energies (including toxins and parasitic energies traveling in ambient air). In Aura Consultations at Shanti Kai™, I often find that Golden Aura™ energetically transfers to the part of the aura correlating with air sensitivity issues, including conditions such as allergies, asthma, covid, and other respiratory conditions*, bringing a golden field of light around it. This can be especially helpful when flying, as you change elevations and the quality of air changes, as well as when traveling to new places by other means (i.e. car, boat, train, etc) and are being exposed to different people and environments.

Application: Spray Golden Aura™ over your crown, forehead, temples, throat, base of skull, heart center, Solar Plexus (front and back) , back of lungs, and throughout aura 2x per day or as needed. Increase usage during travel as needed, applying at the onset of depletion or fatigue.

Emerald Light™️

Emerald Light™ Essence: Frequencies of Healing Green Light, is a synergy of Hawaiian Flower and Mineral frequencies formulated to rejuvenate and revitalize. It acts on the emotional subtle body, soothing the heart, and easing heavier energies, such as those tied to depression, anxiety, and other negative emotion. Emerald Light™ can thus can be helpful for emotional support during travel, as it so often involves heartfelt goodbyes. Emerald Light™ can further help you combat travel fatigue as well as energies of nervous exhaustion, and other low energy states. Use as needed throughout travel to stay energetically balanced, and to maintain your energy levels throughout your trip. Used after flying or long road trips, Emerald Light™ can help you bounce back faster, minimizing the downtime so typical of jet lag.*

Application: Spray Emerald Light™ over your temples, throat, front and back of heart center, chest and Solar Plexus as well as any areas experiencing exhaustion, tension, or stress. Use as needed for rejuvenation, and/or emotional upliftment and support. Apply over forehead, temples, throat and heart for a quick pick me up throughout your flight and/or as needed. Application along your spine, should discomfort occur during travel, is also recommended.

*Please see our health disclaimer in the footer of this page.

Indigo Light™️

Indigo Light™ helps with balancing and refocusing the mind after travel and can be especially beneficial for alleviating mental tension. Indigo Light™ helps you clear out the unnecessary mental chatter, and the overload of information your subconscious takes in while you’re on the move. It is this psychospiritual detox and equilibrating which can sometimes take the longest during travel. This is why, so often, you arrive at your destination, but don’t really feel like your trip begins until several days have gone by. Getting away from your everyday routine (and everyday problems) can give you a chance to gain insight, and Shanti Kai™ Indigo Light™ can help you better embrace this experience. By helping to clear the mental clutter you start off with, it makes room for you to open up and experience new expanded states of intuition, clarity and insight.

Application: Spray Indigo Light™ over your third eye and forehead, temples, behind ears, base of skull, crown and over aura to help clear Third Eye clutter, detox mental stress, and bring renewed clarity and insight. Spray along your spine, throughout aura, over your Crown and Third Eye before meditating, relaxing, healing (i.e. having a spa treatment), and/or as desired, to encourage expansion, vision, and heightened intuition.

Frequencies of White Light™

Frequencies of White Light™ focuses on purification and sealing of the energy field, so as to keep you whole and complete within yourself, cocooned in a bubble of white light. It is calming and soothing, and can help allay your fears, should flight anxiety or other nerves act up. Use before, during and after your flight to maintain a calm state, as well as to help empathically shield you from the anxieties and fears of those around you. It’s common to be affected by the energy of the space you’re in, and when traveling, you’re often sleeping in new spaces. Frequencies of White Light™ can also be used as a room spray to help purify your spaces, as a tool for gentle cleansing without going too deep – sort of like putting a temporary puff of white light around and over everything, that stays just long enough to sustain you.

Application: Spray Frequencies of White Light™ wherever you feel tension, and/or over the Crown, Third Eye, temples, base of skull, heart center and throughout aura, to help energetically purify and protect. Spray Frequencies of White Light™ around the room, especially over the bed and pillow areas, as well as any areas that feel heavy, to help ease you into your temporary space. Use daily to help you acclimate to your travel environment. Apply over your airline seat and area, if possible, to help prevent energy bleed-through from other passengers.


Other Ways to Work with the Shanti Kai™ Jet Lag™ Kit

The Essences in the Shanti Kai™ Jet Lag Kit can be used in sequence, one after the other, during and throughout travel. We recommend using these Essences as often as necessary until you adjust to your new environment or travel experience. If you have a means of testing yourself (e.g., kinesiology, muscle testing, pendulum or otherwise), you can use this method to see what is needed and how much throughout travel.

“On my last trip I had to go straight to a presentation after a long flight and I was a mess! My colleague had the Jet Lag Kit and was nice enough to share it with me. I used the Indigo Light on my head tension and I could feel my mind clear up instantly. I used the Garnet Glow & Emerald Light all over where I had inflammation, and I instantly felt a shift. I now use all the Jet Lag Kit Essences… I even bought one for everyone at my firm last Christmas!”
~ Maggie M., Berkley, Senior Partner, Law Firm


Combining Jet Lag Essences for Targeted Results

Below are some popular ways of combining our Jet Lag Essences for targeted results.

Garnet Glow™ and Golden Aura™ – For Clearing & Repatterning

These Essences may help you to clear out and re-pattern deep seated blockages and stress that may manifest as discomfort when you’re out of your zone (such as when traveling).  Since Garnet Glow™ is associated with the energy field of blood and Golden Aura™ with the lungs and spleen, this duo may help you filter energies associated with airborne toxins that can otherwise leave you feeling blocked or heavy.

Garnet Glow™ and Emerald Light™ – For Energetic Strengthening

Garnet Glow™ is formulated to help motivate you into physical action while Emerald Light™ is designed to help rejuvenate and uplift on both physical and emotional levels. Used together, these offer a quick pick me up. Moreover, Garnet Glow™ is formulated to help move you from a passive to an active state.  Poor circulation is often the source of discomfort & inflammation during travel. Our Garnet Glow™ especially works with energy field associated with blood and Emerald Light™ is especially uplifting for the heart chakra, where blood is centrally processed.*

Golden Aura™ and Emerald Light™ – For Pranic Rejuvenation

We often talk of our Golden Aura™ Essence as a sort of pranic light bath while our Emerald Light™ is a sort of calling card to Archangel Raphael, the Archangel of Healing whose color is green.  Healing requires an increase in vibrational frequency and this duo may help you tap into energies needed for growth and renewal, while helping keep your vibrational frequencies high, so that you can do the deeper levels of work needed to be at your best. Moreover, used during travel these essences help you adjust to fluctuations in your routine that may throw you off, as well as helping raise your energy back up after exposure to radiation and other harmful rays.

Garnet Glow™ and Frequencies of White Light™ – For Energetically Clearing the Blood

Garnet Glow™ especially works with the energy field associated with blood and Frequencies of White Light™ is for purification and renewal. When we travel, our circulation often stagnates, leading to inflammation and feelings of stagnation and toxicity. Garnet Glow™ promotes moving from a passive to an active state, while White Light™ promotes purification on an energetic level, helping to flush out toxic energies and bring renewal and an increase in life force energy.

Emerald Light™ and Frequencies of White Light™ – For Energy Renewal

The ultimate pairing for new beginnings, especially ones that require rebirth and growth. After the long winter, the seeds must start anew, kindling the magic of nature for rebirth, and setting fresh intentions toward healing and growth.  Beneficial for goals ranging from  physical healing to financial growth, this pairing helps purify what was, so that the new can move in. As such, they may be beneficial for those overcoming bad habits, addiction patterns, and heaviness of heart (such as depressed energies and anxiousness).

Golden Aura™ and Frequencies of White Light™ – Auric Light Shield

Golden Aura™ helps increase the light quotient accessible to you by opening and increasing access to unconditional love from the twelfth and thirteenth chakras (Christ Consciousness Chakras). Frequencies of White Light™ helps temporarily fill holes in the aura that would cause this light to leak, so that it may be used for healing and protection, and maintaining your energetic homeostasis at higher vibrational levels.

Indigo Light™ and Golden Aura™ – For Optimal Intuition

Indigo Light™ is for clearing third eye clutter and optimizing visionary capabilities stored in third eye chakra. Golden Aura™ helps increase the pranic flow of light and unconditional love energy from the upper upper chakras as it flows to the crown, increasing protection around the crown and third eye chakras. This helps shield interference around the crown so that your intuition is functioning at its best and is coming from a place of altruistic love and light for all.

Indigo Light™ and Frequencies of White Light™ – For Mind Clearing

Indigo Light™ is for clearing third eye clutter and optimizing visionary capabilities stored in the third eye chakra, the seat of the mind, while Frequencies of White Light™ promotes a sense of purity, renewal and fresh beginnings.  These may be especially beneficial during times of study and or travel, wherein the mind may become overloaded with stimuli and excess information. Think of it like starting a painting with a fresh palette as opposed to one that has random lines and imprints from other artists attempting the same. To really excel at whatever you do, you must clear the palette and renew the mind’s eye.

Emerald Light™, Indigo Light™ and Frequencies of White Light™ – For Mental and Emotional Rejuvenation

These essences work on an energetic level to help ease mental fog and encourage upliftment and renewal for emotional stress that may occur while traveling.

Indigo Light™, Golden Aura™ and White Light™ – For Mental Power and Intuition ~ This trio may help to bring energetic shielding and strength for the intuition and mind. When your spirit is rejuvenated, you’re less likely to vibrate at the frequency of aches and pain so common to travel related stress.

Golden Aura™, Garnet Glow™ and Emerald Light™ – For Energetic Strength and Vitality ~ Jet lag can leave you feeling tired, achy and sluggish and this trio may help to increase your own organic life-force energy, and encourage rejuvenation.

Garnet Glow™, Golden Aura™ and White Light™ – For Energetic Circulation ~ Garnet Glow™ is formulated with ingredients known for strengthening the blood on an energetic level, while Golden Aura™ strengthens the part of the aura related to the lungs, and White Light™ encourages purification and renewal.

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