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October- November 2022 Eclipse Season… and Then Some!

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The October 25th (24th if you’re local) Solar Eclipse in Libra (per the Vedic System) is drawing nigh, and with it emotions may be running high. This Solar Eclipse is looking to be a major turning point, not just for the world at large, but for most of you individually as well. If you’ve been feeling ill at ease, gripped by fear and/or indecision, if finances have you on edge, or if worry keeps you in your head, if you’ve suddenly felt lost or like you can’t find your path … you’re not alone. There is so much more to it than meets the eye.. read on to learn why!

But first, let me take a moment to make clear we are recommending Shanti Kai™ Empower™ Essence for navigating the energies of this particular eclipse. When worry enters your field, the best thing you can do is observe the fear, feel it, and move ahead anyway. Move out of its grip and find your flow – that is the way you want to go. If indecision knocks you down, find your resolve and turn it around. For suggestions on how to work with Empower™, see our latest video (above). While it is not eclipse- specific, it does have a plethora of suggestions for working with Empower™ to see you through! And, read on or scroll down for a host of other suggestions!

Now, some of you are indubitably more optimistic than others, and that is great – you might be thinking “what fear?”. Nonetheless, for everyone, it is good to be aware that tomorrow’s part in this eclipse series does indeed signify a crossroads – and that may indeed have many of you on edge. Why do I say this? Well.. because for one, the solar eclipse is happening in the sign of Libra, ruled by Venus – which is the Sun’s sign of debilitation, which means the Sun is least comfortable there. Not only is its light getting snuffed, but it’s not at ease here in the first place! Now Libra also just happens to be Saturn’s sign of exaltation- and guess what? Saturn is driving this whole eclipse series via a 100% aspect to it. Never mind what any of that means (unless you already do). What you need to know is that this alone signifies that hugely karmic energies are tied up in this eclipse – Saturn, you see, is the significator of karma!

Furthermore, Saturn has just gone stationary on October 22nd at 24 degrees of Capricorn and is in its final part of a 2.5 year haul through its own sign- so you’ve already been getting intensified Saturn energy. And, when a planet goes stationary it makes that planet all powerful. Not to mention the fact that Saturn is already the ruling planet of 2022. That’s right, we are already under Saturn’s gaze 24/7 for 2022 – through part of 2023, and now, Saturn is additionally orchestrating the eclipses!

Venus, the ruling planet of Libra, where the eclipses are taking place, is Kazimi with the Sun (this means Conjunct) and not just conjunct, but also combust – that means its sitting at the same degree of the Sun. When this happens, the heat of the Sun is said to combust the planet – and so, its as if the light of Venus doesn’t exist during this time. Venus has effectively gone MIA! She’s been eclipsed, and, this too points to intensified meaning! Venus rules money and all the things material.

Guess what? Mercury is ALSO jumping in the games, joining in on eclipse season energies as it moves into Libra, joining the line up with Venus and the Sun. It does so on October 26th, one day after the solar eclipse. And, as if that’s not enough…. Mars just stepped into one degree Gemini on October 15th and will stay there through the 14th of November. Mars is preparing to go Retrograde October 31st here in Gemini as well, so in addition to the absence of the light symbolized by the solar eclipse, and the apparent absence of Venus, as felt by its combustion, AND, Mercury – who rules commerce, communication, and technology moving into Libra – with Saturn directing the whole thing, you can expect to see some degree of conflict, and/or issues with communication, technology, and unfortunately, money! When Mars turns back through the sign of Taurus (which again, rules finances) – where it will stay through next year, you may continue to feel as if your money is moving backward, not forward, and may even experience some loss – if you haven’t already. However, always remember, what goes up must come down and peaks and valleys are always intertwined. Things will bounce back for you as they always do… but the world at large is forever changing. Now, as you may be aware, eclipses always come in pairs!

We have a Lunar Eclipse in Aries on November 7th and 8th (depending on where you’re located) – more on that to come – and Pluto has just moved into Capricorn – a power play at best! And we haven’t even gotten to Jupiter and Uranus! Expect the unexpected… the world stage has been set, and is ripe for major change. Whether change comes on suddenly and unexpectedly, such as with a pandemic, an earthquake or the passing of Queen Elizabeth (and rise of King Charles), or more gradually – life as you know it – AND the world at large – are already undergoing significant shifts…. and the world is already reacting. Just look at the escalating world tensions (i.e. Russia, Ukraine, China, Taiwan, China… did I say China) and the reaction of the world markets (which will eventually shift back)… and you wonder WHY you’re on edge? Change is challenging for most everyone… but so often it is all too necessary and most people – let alone societies – won’t change unless forced to do so.

But if this all sounds doomsday and scary, remember we have eclipses every year. They are not all this momentous, but there are billions of people in the world, and not everyone will experience things this intensely. So much is determined by the part of life you are in, and what your individual chart looks like – as well as where you live and the global shifts that occur, if any. But one thing is for certain, tensions will likely be running as high until before the Lunar Eclipse hits – and chances are by then, you’ll have a clearer picture of what needs to shift or balance within your life to manage better. You’ll have a clearer picture of where you stand, and where you need to go. The fear or worry you may be feeling now will likely have simmered down as a new awareness sets in. It may be a bit of a bumpy ride, but you’ll get there – all good things in time.

I would add, however, that if you ARE feeling uncertain, or on the fence about something, or if something major is brewing in your life, eclipse season is not the time to act – or to initiate something new. Keep moving forward, yes, but put off the bigger decisions and hold off on entering into arguments when possible. This is moreover not a time favorable for conflict resolution or project initiation – and if you can say – hit delay… at least for a little longer, it should help you come out all the stronger. Of course, things are not always up to you or under your control – so just have the mindset to be patient, to buckle in for the long haul and trust that everything will work out exactly as it should. The serenity prayer comes to mind…

And, on that note, this is a really good time for turning within, meditating, contemplating and gaining dynamic personal insight and accelerating your spiritual progress. Ketu, after all, is the instigator of the solar eclipse, and Ketu deals with all things otherworldly – it is the primal force that compels you upward, beyond and out of this world. Thus, although eclipses may bring energy up to be dealt with, if you have been suffering with something for some time and it’s a karmic situation, eclipses can also help liberate you.

As a practice in reflection, think about where you were during the 2004 eclipses. It will help you gain insight into how this eclipse, in particular, will likely affect you. Also, if you can detach from the importance of your material needs and focus on the more spiritual matters at hand, all this cosmic stuff will likely amount to but a blip on your radar. The more you detach and get the higher lesson, the less the universe has to try to bring it to you!

And… Stay tuned, as I’ll soon be posting a video with more information on Essences to support you during the cosmic events of the next few months!

Oh, and one more thing (for reals this time)! Eclipses start about ten days before the actual event and are felt for a similar length of time thereafter – although depending on how they affect your personal chart, effects typically can last up to 6 months- (YES, they are THAT Profound!).

Suggested Essence for this Eclipse: Shanti Kai™ Empower™

Supporting Essences: Removing Obstacles™, Venus™, Mars™, MercurEase™, Ma-Hina™, Golden Aura™, and Transformation™.

Other Suggested Essences: Guardian Angel™, ImmunEase™, Healer Within™, Release It™ and Frequencies of White Light™.

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