Tip of the Week: Emerald Light Essence™ and Healing Frequencies of Green

Featuring Emerald Light Essence at Shanti Kai

Emerald Light

Being out in nature can have very healing effects on our body and mind. If we spend most of our day indoors, just taking a short walk near some trees or flowers can help us to clear our minds, relax and let go of stress. And for those times when we aren’t able to get outside, Shanti Kai™ has Emerald Light™ Essence, which helps to bring the healing frequencies of green that we find in nature into any environment that we’re in.

Emerald Light™ is formulated from a wide variety of healing green frequencies derived from the plant mineral kingdoms which have traditionally been used to ease stress and promote healing.

A good way to use this Essence would be as a room spray, either in your home or work place, which can help to bring in the healing vibrations of nature into your environment. You can also spray on yourself throughout the day, as needed, focusing on the heart area, base of the neck, throat, forehead, and temples or any place it feels like it would be helpful.

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