Tip of the Week: Using Tourmaline Master Essence to Balance Energy Along the Spine

Tourmaline Master™ Blend spray can be a great tool to help remove energetic blockages and balance the energy of the spine, especially where the main energy centers, or chakras, are located. Try the following exercise to balance and clear this area.

Using Tourmaline Master Blend, spray the areas of the spine where the major energy centers are located. Moving up the back along the the spine, spray in the following order:

  1. The base of the spine
  2. The lower back, just behind the navel
  3. The area just under the ribs in. the middle of the back
  4. The upper back behind the heart center
  5. The back of the neck

Take a few minutes to sit quietly and imagine that you are releasing any dark or heavy energy that you have been carrying in your body, and that energy is flowing freely and unobstructed through your spinal column. Try this exercise once a day, or as needed whenever you are feeling a little out of sync.

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