Introducing our new Transformation™ Essence

TransformationWhen people familiar with astrology hear we’ve made a Pluto Essence, we typically get 1 of 2 responses. “Thank God! This planet is kicking my butt! Send me lots of it asap!” Or… they are afraid to try it, want to know if it’s safe for them or if they need to take it with our White Light Essence™ to soften it (as is the case with our Release It Essence™). This is because things aren’t too pretty when Pluto comes to town, and one that knows this can only imagine what an essence that works with it might do. Fear not, however, because our Transformation Essence™ is all about softening Pluto’s effects and making the transformation this powerful planet brings a little bit more pleasant.

Pluto is the planet of transformation, regeneration and renewal. It represents endings and new beginnings, as well as spiritual growth and rebirth. When Pluto is negatively aspected, it can show up as an obsessive desire for power and control, ruthlessness, and general destructiveness. When Pluto is positively aspected, it encourages the ability and desire to transform, along with a willingness to explore, examine, and search for truth and deeper meaning. Shanti Kai’s Transformation Essence™ contains powerful gemstones, flowers, and an alchemical blend of precious metals that encourages change through rebirth and renewal.

As the process of rebirth always follows death, true transformation is often experienced as a painful and/or uncomfortable process. To clarify, when one speaks of Transformation and Pluto in the same sentence, they/we are not talking about those TV shows where someone gets a makeover and gets all emotional about how beautiful they feel (some exclusions may apply). Rather, Pluto’s effect is a bit more intense, and can be rather drastic, drawing deep psychological issues up out of the unconsciousness and purging them to bring about permanent change. Transformation Essence™ seeks to soften this process by easing resistance and helping one align with their highest truth. It has a synergy of ingredients that encourage one to get to the core or root of an issue or situation so that he or she can see what needs to be released or let go. In this way, one can more easily “peel off the band-aid” and shed people, places, and things from their lives that are no longer serving their highest good.

Stay tuned… We’ll be releasing more on this powerful new Essence in upcoming months!

Read more at our Transformation Essence™ page.

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