Transforming Emotions With Transformation™️ Essence

Transformation Essence - Shanti Kai™

Transforming your Troubles and Elevating Your Emotions

Shanti Kai™️ Transformation™️ Essence can help you persevere through times of challenge, stress, tension and turmoil. It can also be beneficial when you’re trying to summon your inner strength to create positive change in your life, as well as in the lives of those around you. Applied in your home or workplace, it may help you work with energy you might otherwise find unfavorable, channeling it into something higher and more positive. It can also be helpful when feeling at a loss or low point -such as after hearing or receiving bad news, experiencing conflict or pain, and/or simply when having a bad day.

That’s because Transformation™️ is synergized to help you stay afloat, navigating with ease through even the roughest emotional waters. It works in your energy helping to elevate and uplift your spirit, transforming lower frequency emotions into higher ones. Whether your emotions be cinematic or less dramatic, when you’re down and out even the little things can feel traumatic. When overwhelm kicks in and nerves are wound tight, it might just be a little balancing is all you need. Transformation™️ is formulated with vibrational infusions of flowers and minerals from nature, blended together to create a powerful but soft synergy sure to help you uplift, transmute and transcend the negativity within and around you. It works at the level of your energy and is designed to get underneath the layers, so you can heal at the source, transforming from the inside out.


How to Work with Shanti Kai Transformation Essence

We recommend you start by attuning to your breath and allowing yourself to experience whatever it is your feeling – leaning into your emotions rather than repressing, ignoring or avoiding what you feel;
Tune in to where in your body you experience these emotions and then, working with Transformation™️, apply the Essence over this area- front and back (when possible);
Additionally, you may also want to spray the more sensitive areas which include the:

  • Third eye/forehead,crown,
  • Neck/throat,
  • Base of the skull,
  • Heart center,
  • Along the spine,
  • Abdomen,
  • Anywhere else you may feel symptoms of stress, tension, or emotional discord arising.

If you have a process such as journaling, meditation, or a guided visualization technique, a mantra or affirmation process- or something of the like that you would like to use, it would be advisable at this point. Specifically, you may wish to visualize whatever feeling or emotion you are having being transformed into one that is at a higher frequency level than you were originally at. You may wish to follow up with an Essence such as Shanti Kai™️ Frequencies of White Light™️, Violet White™️, Amethyst Light™️, Harmony™️, or even simply repeat with a second application of Transformation™️ followed by several deep breaths.

Please note, however, if you are in a hurry and do not have time, simply allowing a moment for the Essences to process while you stay with your breath, allows them to go in and shift the energy that is coming up.

Examples of Working with Transformation for Emotional Transmutation:

Transformation for Shame, Blame and Guilt

Shame is the lowest vibrating emotion. Shame is a form of unworthiness. If you are carrying shame, it is like wearing a pair of leaded boots. So what you want to do is visualize, sense or imagine the shame being transformed into a higher frequency emotion. In this case it is easy, because everything else that you possibly could feel is higher than the vibrational frequency of shame (and unworthiness) so even if you get angry, its a sign that the energy is moving up and into a higher state.

When experiencing feelings of unworthiness, guilt, blame or shame, identify where it is in your body that you were experiencing it, and apply front and back over this area, along with the aforementioned sensitive points. Breathe into it and allow yourself to feel, see, or sense the emotional energy moving up and out. If it transforms into another negative emotion, such as anger or frustration, you may want to reapply to the essence and continue working with it, following the steps above until you are in a more comfortable place.


Transformation for Anger, Fear and Frustration

Shanti Kai™️ Transformation™️ Essence can also be used to help allay feelings of anger, including frustration, confusion, resentment and other emotions within this range. And in fact, it’s entirely possible that even if you start with another emotion, such as sadness. shame or fear, you may encounter feelings of frustration or anger as you breathe into it and allow it to come up. In this case, you might actually want to put an intention behind it, such as to transform the experience of anger into understanding and compassion. In order to get there, you may need to apply this a few times, breathing into it, and allowing it to come up and out, before you’re able to make space for an alternate perspective to set in. It may be helpful to remember that when you allow yourself to stay angry, that whatever you are angry at has your power. By the same token, not acknowledging your anger can allow it to remain stuck in your body, resulting in caged rage and other problems- including those of a more physical nature. So it’s important to give it an outlet, to be with it, and to allow it to be transformed.


Transformation for Sadness and Disappointment

If, on the other hand, you are experiencing sadness or disappointment, feeling angry is still a vibrational improvement. What’s more, it may in fact be a phase the energy needs to pass through before it can clear. As you process the sadness, the anger might come up because of whatever you are mad at that made you sad. As you continue to work with this, eventually you will begin to feel the joy on the other side. Have patience, however, because depending on how much inner work you have previously done, it might not happen right away; you may need to do some other conscious form of healing work or therapy in order to arrive at this point.


Healing Modalities at Shanti Kai

At Shanti Kai™️ we offer a plethora of services designed to work in tandem with our vibrational essence products, helping you reach transformative states of healing and well being. Check out our Services Page for a list of modalities including Holographic Memory Resolution (HMR), Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy, Therapeutic Breath Work, Shanti Kai™️ Vibrational Essence Therapies, and more!


Final Thoughts

It’s not always necessary or plausible to make giant leaps toward healing- indeed sometimes baby steps are the best you can do. Think What About Bob, the movie with Bill Murray, where he went to therapy and learned baby steps- giving himself a vacation from his problems, While we don’t recommend you crash someone else’s vacation (an ode to the movie), processing what you’re feeling, should at the very least help you begin to climb up the “emotional ladder” creating space from the problems that previously bothered you. (If only Bob had our Transformation™️ Essence, things could’ve turned out so different for him). Sometimes baby steps are truly the best you can do, and we recommend that you simply keep with it. Repeat this exercise as often as you need, and continue to work through the layers, applying Transformation™️ Essence and empowering yourself to work through, move through and rise above what ails you.

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