Unplug and Clear This Holiday Season with Indigo Light™ and Frequencies of White Light™

Indigo Light and White Light

In the midst of Holiday, we often hear from clients and customers who feel at least somewhat Energetically bombarded …advertisements, social obligations, familial and/or work pressures, end of year duties, travel, children’s activities, and sometimes emotions (like loneliness or heaviness of heart, anxiety or even frustrations)…it’s no secret that the holiday period has long since been a heart chakra trigger for so many.  Sometimes you just need to unplug and clear, go within and start anew.  In a society that profits from your insecurities and neediness, sometimes you just need cleanse and get aligned with your own inner spirit, your higher guidance system and ultimately higher purpose.

Indigo Light™ from our Color Line, when sprayed over the third Eye, temples and base of skull, helps with clearing Third Eye clutter and focusing or applying the inner drishti (inner focus). Indigo Light is also the color signifying Archangel Michael, the Great Protector, who clears out negative energies with the dash of his sword. Those practicing meditation, yoga, or mindfulness (or aspiring to), or those whose workplace finds them using their mind a great deal may find Indigo Light a most valuable tool, especially during times of stress  (…but FYI some find they need to use it mid to long term (at least twice a daily for seven to ten days first).

While everyone can benefit from frequencies of pure White Light™, it is especially valuable during times of stress to allow your energy field time to integrate and assimilate.  Think of it like standing in a battlefield (with stress being the enemy) and you’re guarded by a thick white fog that gives you the advantage of invisibility… (while our Guardian Angel™ is more like wearing an armor, and our Golden Aura™ more like a blinding light).

Imagine your energy field like a big egg of light… but when tired or stressed it gets distressed, and even forms short circuits or  black holes that can have a vacuum like effect… our Frequencies of White Light™ temporarily fills in these pookas (or black holes) so you can have time to rebound without  interference. What’s more, going within, our Indigo Light™ may help you tap your innate intuitive intelligence so you can increase your self-Indigo Light™healing capability and rebound faster to stress and other challenges.

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