How to use Release It™ Essence Blend

Release It Essence

Release It Essence

Shanti Kai™ Release It™ Essence can be used to help you move through many aspects of life, including:

Below you will find tips on how to use Release It™ and what essences you can combine it with to obtain maximum results. We’ve also included snippets from testimonials written by customers who have used the product, so that you can hear first hand how the products worked for them. (To view full customer reviews, click here.)




Breaking bad habits

While Transitions™ is our go-to for habit breaking, Release It™ can also be used in this way.

Use twice a day or when strong urges to indulge in the habit surfaces. If the habit is specific to a body part (i.e. nail biting, hair pulling, eye rubbing), then spray over affected areas. Otherwise it may be helpful to spray base of skull, forehead, temples, front and back of liver, lower chakras, and hands.

Companion Essence:
While this essence is a powerhouse all on its own, if you want to take it up a notch, it can be paired with Transitions™. Spray Transitions™ over legs, feet, and back of knees. Spray Release It™ as recommended above or in Aura. Recommended to use Release It™ before bed and Transitions™ in the morning, and/or alternate the essences throughout the day as needed.


Releasing Emotional Baggage

For releasing emotional “baggage” or weight, we recommend using Release It™ with White Light™. This is because whenever we take something out, we want to put something back in. White Light™ contains the purest vibration- where there is White Light there can be nothing else.* Read more at Release It™ product page.

Use whenever negative thoughts or feelings come up with the intention of releasing it and letting it go. If the feelings can be linked to a specific body part (i.e. butterflies in my stomach, “broken” heart, weak knees, headache, etc), then spray over affected areas. Otherwise it may be helpful to spray base of skull, forehead, temples, heart center, and feet.

Companion Essence:
It’s recommended to use White Light™ within 15 minutes to 1 hour of using Release It™, or use Release It™ before bed and White Light™ in the morning. White Light™ should be sprayed in exactly the same locations the Release It™ was used.

“Both my husband and I use [Release It™] when we find ourselves extremely frustrated. Him more so with stress at work. I use it more during periods of sadness that I don’t want to get stuck in…”
-Heidi, North Carolina

“[After a breakup]…I became very irritated whenever I thought about how he had taken advantage of me financially. I started using Release It™ every time I had negative thoughts about what I lost and what he so easily took from me. After a few weeks, the irritation cleared and I was able to let go of it all…”
– Allison, Boston

*It should be noted that Release It™ does have White Light™ in it, and so it’s not necessary to use the essences in this sequence or combination, however our testers and customer feedback has suggested that following Release It™ with Pure White Light™ Essence softens the release process…because releasing doesn’t have to be painful!


Body Aches and Pains*, Physical Symptoms*

Use twice a day on the area of pain or discomfort.

Companion Essence:
Healer Within™.

“I had a chronic recurring shoulder ache on the left side that would not go away. I found Shanti Kai Release It™ at a nearby boutique type store and the owner suggested I try and work with my shoulder pain energetically using the spray. I began spraying my shoulder on a regular basis and began to realize that the pain was actually starting lower down around my heart center. I began to experience what felt like a blockage in my heart – a sort of heavy sensation that acted up whenever I was stressed or overwhelmed. Then one day I decided to use the spray and really focus on what I experienced. Now, I am not a visual person or one to focus on the past but as I sat there I had a vivid memory of when I was young and watching my mom cry after hearing of the loss of a friend. I recalled feeling helpless and overwhelmed and having this tight feeling of pain in my heart center as I observed her. As I sat there this memory began to float out of my mind and the tension in my heart released as did the shoulder pain… This product has opened me to a totally different way of dealing with body aches and pains- I am so grateful I found it!”
– Robert T., Seattle, WA

* Release It™ helps address the energetic component of pain or physical symptoms. Statements made about Shanti Kai™ Essence Products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Manifesting Goals

Companion Essence:
Often times we set goals or intentions, but for some reason find ourselves unable to bring them to fruition. We want to attract certain things – a better job, a new home or relationship, better income, etc. We do all these positive things to attract new energy and still somehow remain stuck… sometimes that’s because there’s an underlying blockage preventing the new energy from coming in. Release It™ and Attract™ Essences, when used in tandem, allow for a powerful, conscious means of working with the energy of almost any given situation or issue to move toward the physical manifestation of our goals. The Release It™ gets underneath and pulls out the blockages and the Attract™ helps draw in the new desired energy.

Use daily with the intention of clearing out whatever is in your way of achieving what you want to achieve. May be ideal to use Release It™ at night over any areas of tension or tightness and throughout the aura. Use Attract™ in the morning and before activities that involve the energy you are wishing to draw in (such as before a date or interview). It may be beneficial to spray Attract™ over the heart and three lower chakras (front and back) and throughout one’s aura. Alternate throughout day as needed(within 15 minutes or more)spraying first Release It™ and following with Attract™. It may be helpful to take deep expansive breaths after spraying each essence and reaffirm that your goal is coming to you, or say a prayer that whatever is in line with your highest good will be manifested.

“My business was “stuck”, slow, down, blocked, not moving forward…I was looking for solutions – better ways to manage, budget, cut costs etc. A friend told me they’d used Shanti Kai’s Release It™ spray to help move thru a bad break up and I started to wonder if I could use it to release whatever might be slowing my business down. I started spraying myself and around my office, products, supplies, computer and mail daily. I also sprayed the chairs of my employees after hours. I was also using Attract™ in my aura during this time. Within about three weeks one of my employees announced he was leaving. This had been an employee I had wondered about anyway but hadn’t wanted to let go because I felt bad. Around that time I started to wonder if my website was part of the issue. I implored my web designers and realized none of the SEO had even been input although I had been paying. The employee that was leaving was in charge of overseeing the website and had also overlooked that many of our products had only partially been input and were not available for online purchase. When he left we found lots of customer emails asking why they could not purchase. The web designers knew they were supposed to do this but were lazy and waiting for our employee to pressure them. When I brought this to their attention they offered me a refund on several months and allowed me to break my contract with them. To make a long story short, after several weeks with Release It, I released my web designers and the problem employee. I got a new company in that could manage themselves and I now have a Rockin website and a much more lucrative online business. I really do believe aligning my intention with this product made all the difference. I had been “stuck” in a rut for months and using Release It and Attract is the only thing I did differently.”
– Stan Cisneros, Los Angeles CA


Space Clearing

Spray liberally around the area you want to clear.

Companion Essence:
Clear My Space

“Whenever my apartment or workspace feels heavy or not quite comfortable, I spray Release It™ and then I spray Clear My Space™. It always immediately feels better. These two essences are amazing and I love that I don’t have to burn sage and risk setting off smoke detectors or upsetting my neighbors with the smell in order to clear out any negative energy in my space!”
– Alice, Nashua

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