Using Intuition Essence™ with the New Moon

New Moon and Intuition Essence

Sunday brings us the first of two Leo New Moons – the energy of which will be encouraging us to live a little, lighten up and relax, but also to take responsibility for our actions and accept the consequences of our choices. And as usual with lunar events we are recommending our Intuition Essence™ Blend to better connect with the cycles of nature and channel the uplifting energies available during these phases. It may also help balance some of the deep emotions that may come with any moon phase, especially with some eclipses looming.

Intuition Essence™ includes Night Blooming Cactus – the flower of which syncs with the moon and opens up like a crown at night, and acts on both our crown and heart chakras. It promotes optimism and synchronicity, opening us up to divinity and reminding us to appreciate what good we already have.

Intuition Essence™ also contains our Silver Essence, which works in the blend to promote calmness and mental clarity, as well as balancing Kundalini energy. Since new moon in Leo is encouraging us to live a little but also to take responsibility for our actions, this aspect of the essence may be especially beneficial for helping one think clearly and use good judgement – and to maintain a calm cool mental space, especially when our emotions are surfacing.

Covellite Essence is another important ingredient in this blend; it’s especially beneficial for helping to open up one’s sixth sense, clear energetic blockages in the third eye, and help tune one in to their emotional and higher selves.

This New Moon is a great opportunity to reset your intention and focus on creating something new. It may have been emotional/moody roller coaster this last month (or two) but now it’s time to reset the energy and get off to a better start. And if things are already going your way then this is a great time to hone in on more specific aspects of your goals. Intuition Essence™ helps one harness the energy of the New Moon to heighten one’s intuition and sixth sense as well as connect better to one’s higher-self. With better access to one’s innate emotional intuition, it’s easier to get messages and guidance directly from one’s own spiritual connection that may help with healing, growth, and manifesting your goals. Read more about Intuition.

And for those who really want to take special advantage of the new moon’s energy, we recommend our Shanti Kai™ New Moon Meditation – which uses our Intuition and Transformation blends. ?

Moon Rituals – we suggest using Intuition and Transformation:

    1. Start by spraying your feet and lower chakras with the Transformation Blend for grounding and preparing you for your new moon ritual.


    1. Spray Intuition Blend around your 3rd eye and crown so you can better tap into the new moon’s energy and open you up for a deeper meditation.


    1. At this point you should start setting your intention. What is it you want to clear out or release from your energy (tension/pain, bad habit, grief). Or is there something you want to draw in (a job, relationship, etc.)? Set this intention now and prepare to meditate.


    1. Once your intention is fully in your mind use Transformation Blend by spraying it on in the areas you feel resistance to really help clear what has been in the way and counter any resistance.


    1. Bring your intention to your mind and really start to see it happening, if you’re releasing something see it leaving your body. And if you’re trying to draw something in, allow yourself to really see you having what you want (see yourself at work or with a significant other).


    1. If you are having trouble envisioning this you may repeat spraying with Intuition (you may also use Imagine here if you have it). If you are encountering resistance with releasing stuck energy, repeat Transformation as needed (you may also use Removing Obstacles here if you have it).


    1. Once you have fully resonated with your goals and completed your meditation you can begin to come back.


    1. At this point you can use the Transformation Blend for helping to transmute lower energies to a higher vibration in your energy field. – if your goals are very specific you may also anchor this experience as follows:
      • If it’s a money issue or issue about a job (or education), you could use Prosperity and continue to work with it
      • For relationships, use Venus
      • For health issues or other blocks, use Removing Obstacles,
      • If you feel stuck or trouble with motivation, you can use Mars.


    1. We recommend you continue with the Moon Ritual every New Moon and Full Moon until the situation changes. You may still use Intuition and Transformation Daily one after the other – preferably morning and night – to anchor your intention and reconnect with your goal


  1. If you are using Venus, Mars, Prosperity etc, we recommend continuing with these over a period of time for better results whenever the issue comes up. Start with 3-5 sprays 2x/day or as needed or desired, especially over spine and back side of body, crown, bottoms of feet, and aura.

To read more on these blends check out Astro Line.

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