Venus Retrograde and Our Venus™ Master Essence

Venus Retrograde
Venus Retrograde and Society

When Venus turns retrograde you may be presented with lessons relating to your relationships, socials, expenditures, and all things beauty, design, harmony, and ease. Venus Retrograde can moreover be a time when social engagements or group gatherings can have an “awkward tinge”. A good example of this – of course, would be when Venus was retrograde as the world was first coming out of quarantine – gatherings required masks and social distance, and people were encouraged to be leary of normal Venetian acts such as hugging, handshakes, and embracing. There was already a sense of social “backwardness” – you can only imagine Venus, the Goddess herself, “reeling” as the world learned to navigate these new societal norms. Venus in retrograde can indeed impact your psychology – how you feel about yourself – your confidence, empowerment, and overall self worth. All this means its a great time to reach for Shanti Kai™ Venus™ Essence, and work on some positive affirmations. Formulated to inspire confidence and feelings of self love and beauty, working with Venus™ can help balance all things related to Venus retrograde.

Venus Retrograde, Finances, Contentment and Change

As Venus governs society and the arts, and the financial ties that are inherently interwoven, during Venus retrograde you may find yourself becoming more aware of changes needed in your relationships, social status and/or outreach (i.e. social media, community activity, charities and the like) and other aspects relating to how you appear to the outside world. Venus retrograde may furthermore be a great time to analyze what really is necessary to your longevity and sustained happiness versus that which is synonymous with greed and/or a fleeting sense of pleasure. If there is restriction with regard to your finances, the positive here is that Venus Retrograde can bring reprieve from the need to have, giving you a chance to evaluate your needs and cleansing your desires of unnecessary excess. In fact you may find that Venus retrograde inspires you to let go of unnecessary attachments and creature comforts, instead – elevating your Venetian qualities towards unconditional love and acceptance of self AND others.

Revisiting Past Lessons

Venus Retrograde is also a time where you may revisit past lessons and even past loves. Whether physically, or in your thoughts and dreams – to haunt you or be healed – either way, it may be a time when it’s necessary to reflect, and bring a little healing to anything unresolved. And, should your existing relationships seemingly be moving backwards, or past conflicts resurfacing, you’re encouraged to remember its all par for the course with Venus retrograde, and be inspired toward unconditional love and self- acceptance. Working with our Venus™ Essence while doing whatever you can to boost your self esteem and strengthen your sense of purpose can help you make the most of these times, smoothing your stride as you forge ahead. You may even want to check out our Hypnotherapy, HMR, and other transformational Shanti Kai™ Services, to learn more about how you can work with our Essences to consciously accelerate healing and change.

Beauty, Transformation and Venus™

During Venus Retrograde you may find yourself more sensitive to, or affected by, out of place things in your environment. Then again, you may also find yourself more likely to contribute to the disharmony that surrounds you. Venus retrograde also brings heightened awareness to your sense of beauty, and you may find yourself suddenly awakening to the need to transform yourself, your image, and/or that of your surroundings. From your outer image – i.e. your hair, clothes, skincare, makeup, fitness or weight – to that of your environment – you may feel the urge to redesign your office, organize your closet, to clean out your house and the like. On paper, and online as well, you may decide to revamp your professional image, redesign your website, enhance your portfolio, and/or otherwise rebrand. Venus™ Master Essence can also help you tap into – and exude – the right energy as you revamp your personal or professional image, invoking the confidence needed to hit the right note in areas like social networking and outreach.

Get Retrograde Ready for Love

When it comes to love, you may definitely find your energy shifting, and Venus retrograde can be a great time to redo your online dating portfolio, update your photos, recheck your verbiage, and otherwise ensure you’re attracting the right people. Our Venus™ Master Essence can help you tap into the confidence needed to do just that. It encourages you to align you with all things positive that Venus represents: romance, love, relationships, society and the arts, finances, social charm/grace, harmony, creature comforts and material beauty are all governed by the Goddess Venus.

You may want to try the following exercise with our Venus™ Essence, whenever it feels helpful, to invoke a greater sense of balance and harmony.

~ If you have some time to sit quietly for a few moments, close your eyes and bring to mind an issue or difficulty related to anything Venus (or in the above discussion) that you would like to bring healing to.
~ Apply Venus™ Essence spray (shaking vigorously to activate it) focusing on the third eye, base of the skull, the crown, and the lower chakras, or wherever you like.
~See, feel, or imagine that you’re moving into a greater sense of harmony, balance and ease, feeling more confident in your love life, partnerships and social affairs.
~ See the good you want in your life as if it has already manifested, and offer gratitude accordingly.
~You can repeat this exercise daily, or anytime the issue you are working with surfaces.

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