Weekly What’s Up?: Mercury Turns Retrograde

It’s that time again….Mercury turns Retrograde this Friday, November 16th! Mercury rules communication, expression, and coordination of all kinds, and when this planet begins it’s perceived backwards spin, these things have a tendency to go haywire. This planet will be in retrograde motion over the Thanksgiving Holiday and through December 6th – and travel plans and communication with family could get interesting! This is a great time to break out your Shanti Kai™ MercureEase™ Essence, to keep things running smoothly during the retrograde.

MercureEase™ helps to promote clear communication and receptivity, and certain ingredients in this blend help to promote harmony, cooperation and unity with others. It may also encourage a clearer state of mind, organization of thoughts, and mental coordination. This blend can also help you to synchronize your timing with the universal flow, and to adapt to challenges. And many of our customers have found that this Essence can help with pesky technological issues that can arise during this time!

Here’s what one customer had to say about MercurEase™:

“Today my computer wasn’t working right all morning, and after I realized Mercury is in Retrograde, I sprayed myself and the computer with Mercurease™. Immediately my computer was working fine!” -Shannon

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