What is a Shanti Kai™ Vibrational Essence?

Shanti Kai Hawaiian Essences

The Origins of Shanti Kai™

Part of what makes Shanti Kai™ Essences truly unique is that Jayme was trained by a European homeopathic doctor and physicist skilled in the art of essence making (among other things). He dedicated his life to furthering homeopathy, and to protect his privacy we won’t divulge specifics here, but it was a great honor for her to learn from him. She is also honored to have studied under one of his longtime students and right hand, who had extensive knowledge of European flowers and mineral essences.

When she returned to Hawaii, Jayme brought this knowledge with her and began to create her own essence line, only with the flora of Hawaii instead of the plants of the past. She put her biochemistry and molecular biology background into practice and began her own research, combining the sciences with her knowledge of trauma therapy and Holistic healing.

What is a Vibrational Essence?

While there are many different methods of thought on how to make a “vibrational essence” with techniques being as simple as putting rocks in a pitcher of water and drinking (as is popular in Crystal shops) to meticulous machines and complex devices that can cost up to hundreds of thousands of dollars (or more). The truth of the technique is found in what is meant by the term “Vibrational Essence”. What many do not understand is that there is a broad use of the term Vibrational Essence. Put together, many people do not use this term “correctly” or perhaps better said, in a scientific manner. Truly high energy vibrational products can take years to make and refine, the blending of which is an art unto itself altogether. Shanti Kai™ methods are proprietary – and have always been – in order to protect the lineage and technique Jayme was taught, as well as the years of research and hard work dedicated to making the products. All of our essences- flower, gemstone, mineral, and/or color- are vibrational and made at non-toxic dilutions that deliver the highest possible potency available.

What does it mean to be Vibrational?

Some use the term “vibrational” to describe anything with “vibration”… and since literally everything on the planet is made up of vibration, this is a very broad term! Indeed, a simple stroll thru a modern crystal shop or holistic expo might find you seeing the word “Vibrational” attached to just about anything and everything these days. We’ve seen it used on “botanical sprays” or water charged with mere intention. It’s not that any of these products are “wrong” so to speak, however, it does dilute the concept of what is really meant by a true homeopathic “vibrational essence” product. Indeed, that is why you will see a broad price difference amongst the range of “vibrational” products.

AmethystAbout Shanti Kai™ Vibrational Essences

At Shanti Kai™, we assure you that when we say “vibrational essence” we are referring to a complex and comprehensive process. Our products undergo years of research and testing combined (of course) with Jayme’s own intuition and spiritual guidance. The creation of Vibrational Essences in the purest quality possible, is an art and skill that is passed down by trade, for one must learn the inside ways to truly appreciate the complexity entailed.

Proving & Testing at Shanti Kai™

Most homeopathic products (as do our essences) go through a process called “proving”.  The history of proving was from early days of homeopathy, wherein the developer would make sure that the product they were giving was safe and had the efficacy that they claimed. Proving is a homeopathic process wherein concentrated doses (or quantities) of a vibrational essence are taken [by a volunteer] over an intense but structured period of time.  There are many controls, among other necessary parameters, and detailed notes are taken by both the person doing the proving as well as an unbiased observer, usually a medical or natural health practitioner who monitors for symptomatic responses to the substance administered.   The purpose of the proving process is to “reveal the remedy” by producing symptoms inherent to the substance administered.  Following the proving period, dosages are more easily determined and then tested, and from there the final research – testing and blind testing – ensue.

How to know the difference between types of products using the term “Vibrational”

Here are some selection criteria to consider researching when selecting a “Vibrational Essence” and/or a Flower or Mineral Essence Product. The following list was extracted from notes Jayme took attending a mandatory Natural Health Conference designed to help leaders in the Holistic Health field educate consumers on what to look for when shopping in the Holistic Health Marketplace. We adopted this criteria and made minor changes to verbiage (where appropriate) to apply to Vibrational Essence and Functional Medicine (i.e. Homeopathic) Products.
Green Quartz

  • What is the background of the company? – i.e., is the developer or creator trained in the art of essence making?
  • Does the company’s owner have extensive knowledge of holistic or natural health? This is important because there are many chemicals and products that can be labeled as “natural”, when in fact they are not. The creator having a background and understanding what it is to be in alignment with natural health principles is essential to knowing that you are getting a truly pure product. Moreover, it is essential to someone being able to assess the purpose and viability of the product. There are many products that are labeled “all natural”, however, if you truly inspect the ingredients of the product (or chemistry of the plant or mineral), you will often find that there are other components present.
  • Do they also have a scientific background? A molecular biology, biochemistry, or chemistry background is essential to anyone working with the interface between plants and minerals and the human body. It’s not enough to know botany if they are suggesting a product for humans. Living crystals is great, but if they are making a crystal spray or a crystal essence, it’s not merely sitting on your shelf, and so they should have some understanding of the chemistry involved. If they are making pure plant-based products or mineral infused products, they should have solid training in sterile techniques and important laboratory procedures required.
  • Do they have an understanding of trauma and the body-mind-spirit relationship?
  • Do they have the energetic sensitivity to discern vibration?
  • Do they understand the process of healing? i.e., do they understand what a “healing crisis” is or how to assist someone in the different stages of healing?
  • Have they experienced healing in their own life? It’s hard to imagine buying healing products from someone who themselves are not familiar with the process.

At Shanti Kai™, we have done all our own research – which is why all of our work is under copyright or trademark protection.   We are aware, however, that there are always pretenders and “copycat” products.  We see this as a sign that we are leading in the field. Many customers have told us they were lured into buying a lesser product with a similar name as one of our trademarked products, only to be disappointed that it didn’t work like ours. They thought they were saving money and getting a “good deal”. If you’re looking for the “real deal”, we encourage you to do your due diligence – be thorough and learn about the background of where you are buying from.

So…how does Shanti Kai™ measure up to these standards?

Jayme JensenJayme not only has a highly scientific background but she was brought up developing her energetic sensitivity.  She began learning to scan energy and sense for food allergies, illness, and/or weakness and related natural remedies at age 13, when a renowned Integrative Medical Doctor discovered her energetic sensitivity.  At the time, this doctor had been helping a family member recover from Epstein-barr Virus, an advanced form of Mononucleosis wherein the nervous system essentially attacks itself – and for which there is no known cure.  Jayme accompanied the family member on an out of state trip to see this specialist, and when the Doctor met Jayme, he instantly recognized her unusual sensitivity.  He began throwing her a series of tests to determine whether or not she was the “real thing”- a bonified “sensitive” (what he called individuals with a heightened sixth sense or highly refined intuitive sensitivity).  Following, she began working with this doctor and learning from him until a car accident, years later, thrust her onto her own journey to wellness…a process that would continue for many years. Although she continued to work with the doctor, her focus changed from learning via helping [him help] others, to her own self healing.

From X-Ray Crystallography and Structural Biochemistry to Crystal Vibration

Jayme’s introduction to crystals began, not with a love of geodes and shiny bobbles, but in a structural biochemistry laboratory, having secured a spot on the research team in the Crystallography department of a Nobel Prize Laureate.  She researched under his then protégé, a professor and biophysicist renowned for his work in structural biochemistry and X-Ray Crystallography.  Considered a challenging field within the biophysics niche, the laboratory grew their own crystalline structures and studied the rate and conditions of proliferation (i.e. crystal growth) and disassembly.  Researching the assembly of telomeres, the structures found at the ends of DNA (that are responsible for cellular senescence, i.e. aging, and unproliferated cell growth, i.e. cancer), Jayme had her first experience in the world of crystals, under high-powered microscopes and via biochemistry assays. Little could she have known that one day she would have a company that studied Crystal Vibration.

Her years in research included DNA cloning, immunofluorescence studies and electron microscopy, developing a novel gel electrophoresis assay for the separation of proteins subunits in the telomeric assembly process (CU Boulder), stem cell heart research/developing “knockout” technology in mammals and fish (Harvard Medical School/The Children’s Hospital Boston), developing morpholino (DNA) knockout technology (HMS), developing the biochemistry side for pharmaceutical research on a 3-D early detection imaging system (a Visen/HMS collaboration), developing immunoprotein bioassays, to name a few of the places she’s been.   All the while, she was studying holistic health on the side along with studying advanced clinical hypnotherapy, Holographic Memory Resolution (HMR) and Breathwork.  Jayme later brought the lessons she learned from her research, joining them with her love of holistic healing under one umbrella at Shanti Kai™.

It is this diverse background and her understanding of the energy of the products from so many different levels that makes Shanti Kai™ products truly unique.

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