“I would love to attend her classes again for they are truly amazing.”

When I arrived at my first breathworks workshop led by Jayme, I had no idea what to expect. Jayme gently guided all of us through the process and created a safe and comfortable place. While breathing, my entire body tingled like nothing I had experienced before. All different kinds of emotions rose up from different memories that came to mind, and the breath would carry them away, leaving me feeling lighter. Messages and ideas came to me – things I could do to make my life easier, things I could let go of that only cause me needless suffering, positive thoughts and affirmations I should embrace. I felt a renewed sense of hope, inspiration, and energy.

There were times through this process that I became cold from all of the releasing. Without me saying a word Jayme knew this and came over with heating pads to make me comfortable. Even in a classroom with many other students, Jayme was attentive to me and always knew when I needed extra support. I felt safe and protected the entire time.

Leaving the breathworks class, I felt grounded, peaceful, and calm. I felt renewed, ready to take on anything life had to offer. I felt lighter, no longer weighed down with emotional burden and negative thoughts or beliefs. It was such an incredible experience. After that first class, I attended every breakworks class Jayme offered until she moved away from the area. I wish she was still in New England, I would love to attend her classes again for they are truly amazing.

Alice B.

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