“I’ve grown and healed”

When I started with Jayme some 5 years ago all I knew I wanted was to be happier and healthier. I didn’t go to her with much more of a specific goal than just that. Over the years she has always helped me focus on my needs and significantly helped me to bring out my true self.

How my happiness has heightened is relative to the changes we worked on in all the phases over the years. For example, when I first started we found that much work needed to be done on past relationships and it was time to try and draw in a healthier one. Several months after that I met my now current husband.

After that I started working on trust and when my husband first moved in not only did Jayme help me understand what I was experiencing and feeling, but also spent much time with me helping me heal all the trauma that led me to my trust issues. Much of what was learned here ultimately became a lesson for the rest of my life so that I can work in a more trusting and open hearted manner in stressful situations.

I started to really feel a need to shift my role and get to my path and expressed to Jayme that I’d like more training. After much guidance and soul searching I decided to go to school full time to become a licensed massage therapist. Once I completed school she advised me for the time being to just hold out a little bit in my job because she knew something was about to shift. Shortly after I was informed that my job would be moving to North Carolina. This would normally be bad news but you see, my husband and I had been trying to find a way out of where we were and this not only was a perfect opportunity but a long time dream come true for me.

We decided to get married shortly after the move. This stirred up much in my family dynamics that are too complex to explain. But with Jayme’s support and guidance many of those relationships have turned into ones that are much better than they were before family dynamics shifted. My mother and father for example use to never be able to be in the same room without feeling much tension. This could have lead to ignoring and in the past bickering and an always ever present amount of anger and blame. The other day my parents, brother, husband and myself actually all went out for lunch and celebrated my pregnancy, my father’s birthday and had a long conversation about our current situation with each other.

As of now Jayme helps my husband and dog directly with spiritual healing. She even uses me as an intermediate for healing certain family members that are either alive or deceased. In addition to this she provides me with information on her [natural health] expertise and experience. She has trained me in different forms of healing and certified me in 2 levels of essence therapy. She provides me with the tools and training to help myself and many around me. As far as her essences go, I have been using those over the years to help myself, my household, family and friends. They have proven to help us in ways that are described on her web site and even provide extra insight and healing in ways I didn’t expect. I never doubt the amount of healing potential any essence can possibly have on my day to day life and I have seen them do things like gradually help me forgive others and also quickly relieve me of tension and stress.

Overall, there have been just so many blessings to count that I am grateful for. And I can also see that at this point not only have I grown and healed as I had hoped I would start to do, but I also have gotten happier. The most beautiful part about it all is that so has everyone around me over the years.


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