Where to Spray Shanti Kai™ Essences, And Other Tips

Where to Spray Your Essences

Where to Spray Shanti Kai™ Essences

One of the great things about Essences is that they go to work on your energy field no matter where you spray them in your aura. However, there are certain places on the body that are more receptive to taking in energy from our Essences. Some general areas of the body that are more sensitive to Essence frequencies are the place where the back of the head and the neck meet, the third eye area (point between the eyebrows), temples, throat and the crown of the head. Secondary areas include the chest, along the spine, abdomen and knees. No matter the Essence you are using, if you are not sure where you should spray, these areas are good ones to work with.

The best/most sensitive areas to spray are your:
  • Forehead/3rd eye
  • Crown of the head
  • Temples
  • Neck/throat
  • Base of Skull
  • Chest – front/back of heart center
  • Along the spine

Spraying over areas of exposed skin can also be beneficial.

You can also use as directed on the bottle, in the attached brochures and/or catalog pages, or you can follow your intuition and use as you feel guided to.  However, in general, we recommend you always shake well before application. This activates the ingredient base in your Essence bottle.  

Does it need to be applied to my skin?

For best results, applying directly on skin is ideal, as this allows a quickened sensory response.

Are there any exceptions for applying Essences in these areas?

In addition to the general areas that we recommend, there are also certain areas that can be best to spray, depending on the Essence that you are using, which can be seen from the suggestions on their labels. For instance, with our Chakra Essences, it would be good to spray the Chakra area for the Essence you are using, such as the base of spine and legs if you are using the Muladhara™: Root Chakra Essence or the stomach area (front and back) if you are using Manipura™: Solar Plexus Chakra.

As another example, Diamond Master Blend™ can be helpful for issues affecting your head area, which may include physical, mental, emotional and other issues relating to the energy in your head/ crown area. For this, we recommend spraying very close to the skin in a ring around the head – as if you were wearing a crown or tiara and then waiting a few moments – a sensation of the crown “opening” and releasing is often experienced this way.

In general, if you experience discomfort somewhere, spray that area.

Where do I spray to release mental and emotional stress and tension?

You can always just spray in whatever area is suggested on the bottle, and/or throughout your auric field. Additionally, you can think about it metaphorically and ask yourself where you feel or carry your stress and tension, and spray that area as well.

For emotional balance or blockages, also try spraying:

  • The backs of your kidneys
  • The backs of your knees
  • Abdomen
  • Heart Center

If you know that you experience frustration, anger, worry, or other emotion in a certain area or region of your body, try applying over that area as needed, when symptoms arise (and/or before they set in, when possible).

Can I overdose or use too much?

Shanti Kai™ Essences are both intuitive and vibrational – so you need not worry about using too much or having an allergy*- if you take the wrong thing or use too much, they’ll simply “evaporate off”. They are safe for infants, children and pets. (See related sections).

Essences are more akin to homeopathics in that they work vibrationally, in your energy field, and with prolonged use work to heal gaps and tears in your electrical circuitry which can have a downstream effect on balancing and strengthening your physical body and body-mind. Most people, depending on their level of sensitivity and openness, do in fact experience immediate shifts, clearing and other benefits.

Will your Essences overwhelm my energy? (For Highly Sensitive Individuals*)

If you are highly energetically sensitive and easily overwhelmed by outside energy, you may wish to apply Essences throughout your auric field first. While subtle, using this method can still be quite pronounced. Spraying a few feet away from the body is recommended initially.

In this case, we recommend starting with our Frequencies of White Light™ Essence blend, and/or a single variety Flower or Mineral Essence, Master Flower or Master Gemstone Essence rather than one of our mega blends. As you gain confidence working with the Essences, you can begin to increase proximity, eventually touching the skin, and advancing to our prized Master Blends when you feel ready.

How Much and How Often Should I Use An Essence?

Applying Kinesiology, Dowsing, Muscle Testing or other methods is the best way to know how much Essence is needed at a given time and how often. However, you may also go by the recommendations on the bottle label, by your intuition, and or simply use 5 to 7 sprays or drops twice per day.

Are Shanti Kai™ Essences Safe*?

Remember that Essences are vibrational, and do not pose the risk of allergy that essential oils do. Our sprays do have 2-3 drops of therapeutic grade essential oil per 2 ounce bottle added for sensory experience- not enough to cause allergy in most individuals (and can be made without, upon special order). If you suspect an essential oil allergy, check with your physician before use. You may also wish to apply skin testing before use. You may use the contact us form on our website to inquire as to specific Essential oil concerns.

How are they Preserved?

Essences are preserved in the typical, traditional homeopathic and herbal remedy fashion, using ~20% alcohol as a preservative.

Check with Your Physician…

*Of course, we always recommend you ask your physician should you have any medical concerns or perceive physical health challenges. Please see our disclaimer in the footer of our website.

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