“Im so happy to have worked with Jayme”

Working with Jayme has and is an incredible gift. A gift that I believe is somehow part of a larger spiritual purpose and I’m very grateful to have met her and received healing sessions from her. Even as I say that – there’s a part of me that still runs away from some of the work – and Jayme understands that too. However, when I do allow the healing work and follow her suggestions, I am consistently blessed with new experiences and opportunities that I could not have imagined possible.

I am dating a wonderful man – and it’s the kind of relationship I wouldn’t have even imagined prior to my work with Jayme. I am also working in a new office and so fortunate to be with a group of people that are encouraging and supportive. I would not have availed myself to this had it not been for Jayme’s suggestion. For the first time since I can remember, I am much calmer and confident about my life, my relationships, my work and the direction I am taking. My confidence and enjoyment of the present situation, even though it hasn’t entirely manifested itself, is because of my work with Jayme. Not only is this all good and exciting – but it is somehow “right” on a much deeper level.

In the past, even if I had been in a good situation or made a good decision, the slightest perceived glitch would have sent me spiraling into self-doubt, confusion and angst not knowing what I should do next. Jayme is sensitive and kind in her work – she puts me at ease and I don’t feel bad or ashamed of the issues that trouble me. Over the past three years, Jayme has helped me address the trauma of a divorce, performed healing work, and encouraged new directions in my life regarding my children, my work and financial future, my relationships and family/friendships.

The initial visits with Jayme were often quite intense. I always felt safe and that not only was Jayme very thorough, knowledgeable, and gifted, but that she also was incredibly humble and saw herself as a sort of conduit for healing on a spiritual level. I’m amazed even as I write this and remember the first few months that I began working with Jayme. It brought such relief and a sense of peace when she could see and sense so many of the events that had been very painful but that were discounted or ignored by others.

Jayme is able to see what is the most important or pressing issue and chooses her work/treatment based on the current situation. Because she is well trained in such a variety of healing forms, each session is custom developed based on my current need and the goal of the session.

There were times I would be quite fearful about my future, yet Jayme would say that I’ve been cared for and that this is my time for healing and rest. This allowed me time to rest and regroup in an entirely new way. And recently, when she suggested that another company maybe a good fit for me now, I trusted her nudge, took the leap and it’s been amazing. I wouldn’t have been ready for this a year ago whatsoever. I could say “I found the man of my dreams and the best job that is going to allow me to do great things and make a great living – all because of Jayme”. That sounds like a fairy tale and it is true, but it misses the depth and richness of actually living out each day. Also, the story is not finished. Trusting that I have a purpose and being willing experience life & its challenges is a more honest testimony of why I’m so happy to have worked with Jayme and why I’ll continue to work with her.

Pam A.

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