Working With Shanti Kai™ Companion Essences

Shanti Kai Companion Essences

At Shanti Kai™️, one of our more popular purchase options are our Companion Essence duos – when we take two Essence Blends, with each targeting an individual issue (or set of issues), resulting in a boosted, yet refined effect that pulls from the energies of both blends. Below is an attempt to answer some of your inquiries about working with Companion Essences and provide heightened guidance on Essence pairings and application in general.

Since Companion Essences are used together, is it ok if I combine them in a single bottle?

No! It is indeed ok to apply Companion Essences one after the other. There is a succinct yoga to the way Shanti Kai™️ Essences are blended, stored, and energetically sealed. When you purchase them this yoga is locked in, and in general remains unaltered as long as you do not compromise the integrity of the Essence (see Essence Care guidelines in our FAQ.

If you combine Essences into a single container, the synergy of each Essence is compromised. Effective immediately, the core formulations are altered. Over time, more subtle layers increasingly combine, and even compete with one another, and the intended targeted effects of each Essence are changed, altered and nullified. Together, the Essences fall out of balance and no longer have the same benefits as they integrate into your energy.

When you spray them one at a time, even when applied one after the other without delay, there is an instantaneous interaction – and integration – within your energy. This means that when you apply the additional layer (or layers) you still experience the beneficial effects of each individual Essence settling into your field, and as they combine within your aura the vibrational synergy is enhanced. This is certainly not true for how all botanical sprays or aromatherapies interact. Remember, Shanti Kai™ Essences are not sensory (i.e. fragrances or aromatherapy), metaphysical or intention based products. While our Essence Blends may be similar to flower essences or mineral elixirs in nature, they have a different blending science and vibrational synergy (more akin to homeopathics) that sets them apart.

Thus, when you layer Essence on top of Essence, as in a Companion Essence application, the effect is very different than if you were to combine them first in a single bottle or container and then apply. In the former, you are still getting the full spectrum and value of each individual Essence Blend, but they are creating an enhanced, compounded, and slightly different effect as well.

Fine Wine Analogy

Think about when you combine wine with certain foods; a connoisseur can tell you “this wine goes with this cheese and this wine goes with that.”, and so on, whereas someone who has not refined their pallet in this way may think it all the same, or that the only value is in the alcohol content. Similarly, with regards to layering Essences, what you are taking in may seem the same when you are newer to them, or not as sensitive in this way – but the inner experience and the subtleties seen in benefits over time are what sets them apart.

If you combine Essences before applying, you are creating an entirely different blend and it will not have the same effect. It may no longer even target the same areas or issues that the Essence was created to target and affect in the first place. What’s more, in most cases the fullness of it is diminished, and often compromised.

Do I have to apply Essences to the right spot in order for them to work?

Don’t worry too much about how to use the Essences right; as long as they are applied to your energy field, they will get to where they need to go. While it may be a bad analogy, think about taking Advil or Tylenol for a swollen toe; it is not necessary that you inject it into your toe for it to be effective. As long as it gets into your system, it’ll work! How does the pill know where to go? It doesn’t, but it’s designed to target inflammation and it goes where you’re having it! Similarly, on an energetic level, Essences simply go where they’re needed most.

Essences contain nature intelligence – or mana; you needn’t understand how they work, they simply do. They know where they’re needed most – and will go to areas of imbalance and/or weakness first. Simply put, you may experience the subtle but powerful action of Essences more readily (and consciously) if you apply them over an area that is more sensitive and/or receptive to them, as well as if you apply them over an area experiencing a high level of need – such as over areas of tension or discomfort. Think about how you feel when you’re really thirsty; drinking a glass of water is much more appreciated, and you notice its benefits more readily, than if you just casually take a sip because it’s there. Or think about what happens when you have dirt or some kind of filth on a certain part of your physical body and you take a shower. Your whole body is now clean, but you are more aware of the cleanliness over the part of you that was dirty. The soap can go everywhere, but it will do the most work in the areas where it is needed most. While not exact, the concept is similar.

What if I do not have 15 minutes to wait in between spraying Essences? Will they still be effective?

Yes! Waiting a few minutes to apply a different Essence is recommended to allow an Essence to set (i.e. to integrate into your energy field), however, in most cases there is an almost instantaneous response as the Essences interact within your energy – even if applied one right after the other. Companion Essences are perfectly acceptable to layer one on top of the other – it will not diminish their efficacy or affect blend integrity to do so. Highly sensitive individuals, however, may wish to apply one at a time, waiting a minimum of 15-20 minutes in between each Essence, simply to allow time for integration of each.

We recommend waiting 15 minutes minimum in between Essence applications when you have the luxury of waiting this long, simply to allow the sensory experience to unfold and settle in. However, it’s not always convenient or even possible to wait this long, and if you need the benefit of more than one blend, it is perfectly OK to spray them one after the other, or if you’re taking them as drops, to do so without waiting in between.


There are some cases where we would not recommend using one Essence right after the other without waiting in between. Highly sensitive individuals, for example, are more apt to experience energy overload or overwhelm when they attempt to apply Essences too quickly. Thus, depending on your level of sensitivity, it may be preferable to wait longer amounts of time in between applications*.

*If you do not know what it means to be a highly sensitive individual, then chances are, you’re not. (Note this term does not refer to a “highly allergic individual”… please see section on “Are Essences safe?” for more information).

Do I need to do anything special when I apply my Essence?

Yes! Shake the bottle before application – this activates the ingredient base in your Essence bottle.

Where should I spray my Essences for best results?

You can use as directed on the bottle, in the attached brochures and/or catalog pages, or you can follow your intuition and use as you feel guided to. In general, if you experience discomfort somewhere, spray there.  Additionally, the best/most sensitive areas to spray are your:

  • Forehead/3rd eye
  • Temples
  • Neck/throat
  • Base of skull
  • Chest – front/back of heart center
  • Along the spine

Spraying your crown and over areas of exposed skin can also be beneficial. For best results, applying directly on skin is ideal, as this allows a quickened sensory response. You can always just spray in whatever area is suggested on the bottle, and/or throughout your auric field. Additionally, you can think about it metaphorically and ask yourself where you feel or carry your stress and tension, and spray that area as well.

How should I apply my Essence to target specific blockages?

Simply tune into your body and asked the question “when I think about something that frustrates me in life, where do I feel it in my body?” Whatever your answer is, is a good place to apply your Essence.

For emotional balance or blockages, also try spraying:

  • The backs of your kidneys
  • The backs of your knees
  • Abdomen
  • Heart center

If you know that you experience frustration, anger, worry, or other emotions in a certain area or region of your body, try applying over that area as needed, when symptoms arise (and/or before they set in when possible).

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