Working With Venus™ Companion Essences

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Venus™ Companion Essences

Venus™ Master Blend is synergized to enhance feelings of inner radiance, to bring out your charm, and magnify your beauty – both inside and out. Formulated with infusions of flowers and minerals long since hailed for their ability to enhance your natural radiance, it works to lighten your energy, increase feelings of confidence, and enhance your sense of harmony. Our Venus™ Companion Essence pairings can help you tailor this already powerful essence, focusing it according to your needs.

In existing relationships, Venus™ paired with Shanti Kai™ Mars™ can help increase understanding and ease compatibility issues, as well as conflict and tension. When paired with our Harmony™ Blend it can help bring greater balance – body, mind, and spirit, encouraging greater harmony in your relationships. Should you be looking for a little romance, Venus™, especially when paired with Shanti Kai™ Attract™, may be just the Essence you need to help draw in a partner or mate. Or, try pairing with Shanti Kai™ Empower™ to boost feelings of confidence and empowerment – so necessary for putting yourself out there and getting back in the game.  Try pairing with Lady Slipper™ Master Orchid Essence to accentuate your charm and ease your natural flow and grace, especially in group and social settings. In life and in work, should you fall out of love (i.e with yourself, your partner, your work, life, and/or those around you), try pairing with Shanti KaiJasmine Master™ or Jasmine Love™ Essences to tap into the Divine frequencies and higher energies of love – to find renewed purpose and creativity in how you live.  Pair with Shanti Kai Anahata™ for help healing from past heartbreak and loss, and to resolve lost trust, and/or issues with commitment.  Pair with our Svadhisthana™: Sacral Chakra Essence to help ease control issues in your relationships, helping you find greater emotional wellbeing, as well as creativity. Used with our Goddess Power™ Essence, it can help you find wholeness within yourself, as well as to develop or tap any dormant leadership skills.  Pair with Kilauea Rose Master for developing the discernment necessary for trusting your intuition, and/or our Diamond Master Essence for enhancing energies of loyalty, commitment and prosperity within your relationships.


Spotlight: Venus™ and Anahata™ for Healing the Heart

Suggested Use: Venus™ and Anahata™: Heart Chakra Essences help balance and harmonize your Heart Chakra energies, especially relating to relationship and trust issues. Used together they promote healing and balancing of the emotions, forgiveness, compassion, acceptance, and of course, unconditional love.


Spotlight: Venus™ and Attract™ for Attracting Romance

Attract™ Master Blend is formulated with flowers, minerals, and gemstones long since famed for their powers of attraction and revered for their ability to help you draw in or manifest according to your needs. Paired with Venus™, goddess of love and romance, this dynamic duo can help you draw in that special someone, to make your life complete.


Spotlight: Venus™ & Empower™ for Putting Yourself Out There

Summon Your Confidence with Shanti Kai™ Essences Empower™ and Venus™. If you’re anything like most people, you’ve probably experienced your nerves rumbling before going out on a first date, or meeting someone new for the first time. The things that bring you joy and excitement – and ultimately have the potential to give lasting happiness, can also really set you off. Meeting new people can cause you to feel nervous – first – impressions after all, can be important. This is why we recommend using Empower™ and Venus™ Essences together before a first meeting to help you feel more confident and relaxed.


Applying Companion Essences:

Use twice a day, morning and evening or as needed/desired. Shake well before each use (this activates the ingredients).


Suggested Venus™ Companion Essences Application:

Spray Venus™ over your third eye, temples, front and back of heart area (chest and mid-back), throat and neck, backs of hands, and temples. Follow with desired Companion Essences as suggested below.


Suggested Use For Pairing With:

Anahata™: Heart Chakra – Apply over third eye, temples, heart center (front and back), throat/neck, backs of kidneys/lungs – and throughout the aura.

Harmony™ – Apply over the seven main chakras or down the front side of the body – from crown to root, and along the base of the skull, neck and spine.

Attract™ – Apply over sacral area (front & back), along spine, backs of knees, kidney area, third eye, neck/throat, heart center and abdomen area.

Svadhisthana™: Sacral Chakra – Apply over the third eye, temples, neck, sacral area (front and back), heart center, along the spine/low back, backs of the knees and backside of the kidneys.  

Mars™Apply  over third eye, temples, neck/throat, heart center, abdomen, root and crown.  

Empower™Apply over third eye, temples, heart center/chest area, upper-mid back, base of skull/neck, root chakra, and along the spine. 

Jasmine: Love™ or Jasmine Master™ –  Apply over third eye, temples, heart center (front and back), throat/neck, abdomen/ stomach (front and back), feet and crown.  

Goddess Power™Apply over seven main chakras or down the front side of the body – from crown to root, and along the base of the skull, neck and spine, with extra emphasis over female areas.  

Lady Slipper Orchid MasterApply over third eye, temples, front and back of heart area (chest and upper back), throat/ neck, and tops and bottoms of feet. 

Diamond MasterApply over Crown, Third Eye, base of skull,  heart center, along spine and over any areas of stress and tension. 

Kilauea Rose MasterApply over crown, third eye, base of skull,  heart center, hip/root area and base of spine.   

Tip:  You can alternate suggested areas with each application (as desired) or spray each area every time, depending on your preferences. If you know how, you may also dowse or use kinesiology testing.  Should the need arise, and you experience an emotional trigger, you can apply essences acutely every 15-30 minutes and then in decreasing intervals until symptoms subside.


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