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Shown in picture: Orange Wulfenite Crystals on Matrix.

Wulfenite Gemstone Essence is part of Shanti Kai™’s End of Year 9 for $90 Sale. At Shanti Kai™ we were fortunate enough to have a chance encounter with… who else but a Wulfenite Miner who just happened to have come into a plethora of loose Wulfenite Crystals (unattached to matrix) -and yet to be sorted- at the closing of one of the largest Wulfenite mines ever. This gave us the unique opportunity to get our hands on an ultra pure source of golden orange Wulfenite Crystals, making for a potent and perhaps magical gemstone elixir. We point this out because Wulfenite crystals are not common like Quartz or other minerals. Wulfenite is almost always found attached to a composite matrix of some kind. So we felt extra lucky to have come into such an abundance.

Read more about this essence by checking out our 9 Gemstone Essences Kit or Wulfenite Essence product page.

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